What's New?

A rundown of the latest Huntr feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

📨 Send job posts to job seekers, 🏷️ Job post tags and 📍Multi location job posts

If you’ve been using Huntr as an advisor in the past month you might’ve noticed a few new features going live. Our increased engineering capacity has made the past 30 days one of the most productive development periods in our short history! Without further ado, here’s the new features that went live in the past month:

📨 Send Job Post to Job Seekers (API + In-app)

Up until now, only job seekers themselves could save your internal portal opportunities into their boards. Starting today, you can now (as an advisor) proactively send any opportunity from your portal directly to one or more job seekers’ boards. This is ideal for cases where you feel that an opportunity is a great fit for one or more job seekers.

Once you’ve shared a job post with a job seeker, they will see a new card in their board that they (or you) can manage in the context of their personal job search.

Finally, we’ve added a new Pipeline section in the job post details page. This is an area were you can visualize all of the job seekers in the running for a specific opportunity; it includes both job seekers you sent an opportunity to and those who saved it from your portal.

🏷️ Job Post Tags

Categorize job posts by role, location, industry and any other parameter you’d like by using Job Post Tags. Each job post can multiple tags. After tagging, your job seekers will be able to filter jobs in your internal portal by the custom tags you’ve created.

From their end, job seekers can view and filter job posts by tag.

📍Multi Location Job Posts

Have job posts available in more than one city that you want to add to your portal? We now support multiple locations for job posts.

❌ Auto Close Job Posts

You can now have Huntr automatically close old job postings in your portal. Just go to Settings > General > Toggle on ‘Auto Close Job Posts Enabled’.

🤖 API Updates

We added some new functionalities to our API to support some of our new features:

Read the changelogs here.

🐞 Small Updates and Fixes

👀 Candidate Profile Job Seeker Active Status Filter

In the candidate search view you can now filter for candidates whose Huntr membership with your organization is either 'Active' or 'Deactivated'.

🔗 Persist Filters in Reports

If you apply a filter for a report, we now persist those filters in the url so that if you navigate away from the report and come back, the same filters will be applied.