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Struggling to find the right words to describe your work experience? Use Huntr’s AI to generate resume bullet points, fast. Hand-pick the bullet points that directly tie in to your own work experience.

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Struggling to remember all the incredible things you’ve done at work? Need some help finding the right words? Describe your work experience and achievements with ease using Huntr’s AI Resume Bullet Point Generator.

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Trying to remember all the work you’ve done at your previous or current job can be hard. Huntr’s Resume Bullet Point Generator provides suggestions for achievements based on your job title to help jog your memory.

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Select context keywords

Automatically generate relevant context keywords for a specific experience that you can click to expand and see suggestions from. Choose from a list of bullet point ideas for the specific skill, task or achievement selected.

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Your achievements are personal. Huntr’s AI just gets the ideas flowing. Customize, personalize, and edit any bullet point generated to better highlight your performance and skills.

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Add custom keywords

Add your own keywords for context. For example, you can provide a tool you used, a skill you have, tasks you completed, or even an achievement. Huntr will then generate bullet point ideas connecting the keyword for your specific job title.

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Get instant feedback

Receive a score of how well your resume bullet points match up with your target job title, or target job description. Improve your score by adding more relevant keywords and experiences. Aim for a score of 70 or higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a good bullet point for a resume?

A good bullet point for a resume is tailored to the job title you worked in. It'll tie in with a common work task for someone of that job title. It also highlights a key quantified achievement, specific examples, and one or two skills developed.

Is it ok to use bullets for a resume?

Yes, bullet points should be used in your work experience section to make your resume more scannable for recruiters.

What is a good bullet point starter for a resume?

A good bullet point starter for a resume includes an attention-grabbing action verb that highlights your achievements. Words like achieved, developed, managed, organized, optimized, grew, launched, or implemented are just a few examples of good bullet point starters.

Is 10 bullet points too much for a resume?

It depends on the context if 10 bullet points is too much for a resume. In some cases, you’ll need to explain more about your role, such as if you’re in a more senior position. Keep in mind that the average resume is one page but can extend to two pages as needed. If your resume is within the standard length and it makes sense to describe your experience in more detail, then 10 bullet points is fine.

How many bullet points per job on a resume?

How many bullet points you share per job on a resume depends on the role. On average, most people put between 3-5 bullet points per role. However, more can be added as needed.

How many qualifications should I have listed per bullet point on a resume?

You should include 1-2 qualifications per bullet point on a resume.

What is the order of bullet points on a resume?

The order of bullet points on a resume should start with the most impactful achievements that you had in your role first. Your biggest accomplishments should also highlight a relevance to the role you’re applying to.

How long should each bullet point on a resume be?

Each bullet point on a resume should be between one to two lines long.

Is it better to write my own bullet points on a resume or use AI?

It’s better to do a mix of writing your own bullet points on a resume and using AI. Huntr’s AI is a resume writing helper that allows you to generate ideas on what to include on your resume based on your job title or the job you’re applying to. It’s easy to edit, allowing you to personalize it with your own accomplishments while still tailoring it to your job posting.

How does the Resume Bullet Point Generator work?

The Resume Bullet Point Generator works by providing a selection of context keywords related to the job title you add in your work experience. The context keywords are relevant skills or keywords that match your job to help you think through all the tasks you’ve done in your previous role. You can also add your own keywords or make changes to the AI suggestions to personalize your bullet points.

How much does the Resume Bullet Point Generator cost?

Our free tier should be enough to generate bullet points for a couple of resumes. For unlimited AI credits, you can upgrade to Huntr Pro, which costs $40/month and includes a whole range of other features, such as a resume builder, cover letter builder, job application autofill, job tracker, resume summary generator, resume skills generator, and more.

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