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An easy way to track your interviews

Staying organized during the interview process will ensure you get hired faster. Use Huntr’s Interview Tracker to store all interview and job details securely in one place.

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Get interview-ready with Huntr’s Interview Tracker that helps you organize and manage your interview process from application to the final offer. Gain quick job and company context to help you better prepare for your next big interview.

Organize your interview schedule

Easily access, view, and organize your interview schedule with Huntr’s kanban board. Drag-and-drop job applications into the interview section when an interview is booked.

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Better prepare for interviews

When you save a job in Huntr, job descriptions and company details are added to your board. Relevant keywords are automatically extracted and highlighted to give you a quick overview of all the context you need to perform well in your interview.

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Stay on top of dates

From deadlineds, to application dates, to interview dates, Huntr saves the full timeline of your entire job search process. With all the dates stored you’ll know when to send follow-up emails or when to expect to hear back from recruiters.

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Store all documents securely

Tailored your resume for a specific job? Conveniently store tailored resumes, cover letters and any other documents per role to easily access them in preparation for your interview.

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Manage your contact list

When interviewing at countless companies, you’ll be networking a lot. Store and manage your contact list to keep a recruiter or hiring manager’s contact information secure in one place.

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Add private notes

Need to remember something specific for an interview? Add private notes to your interview activity or job card to help store critical information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interview tracker?

An interview tracker is a system that helps store and retrieve all interview dates, job descriptions, documents, and notes in one convenient place so you never miss an interview or lose key information again.

Who should track their interviews?

Anyone actively applying to multiple jobs should use an interview tracker to help them stay organized. Job seekers who’ve been laid off, new graduates who are looking for their first job, or those looking to move into a new role with a different employer should all use an interview tracker.

Why should I use an interview tracker?

You should use an interview tracker to get quick context into your upcoming interviews. You can quickly see dates, types of interviews, and role information in one place. Plus, an interview tracker will allow you to keep tailored resumes and job postings on hand, so you can better prepare for your next interview.

What’s the best way to track my interviews?

The best way to track your interviews is to use a tool or app to organize all your interview and application information.

What app or tool should I use for interviews?

Huntr is a great tool to use for interviews. You can use the interview tracker, resume builder, cover letter generator, job application autofill, job tracker, and more to land more interviews and better prepare for them.

How often should I update my interview tracker?

You should update your interview tracker every day as new interviews are set or completed. By getting into the habit of using your interview tracker daily, you’ll be less likely to miss interviews or misplace crucial documents.

Does the interview tracker come with data?

The interview tracker comes with data and metrics that tell you how many jobs you’ve saved, what your application to interview percentage is, a daily count of all your activities in the job search process, and more.

How does the interview tracker work?

The interview tracker works by having you input job and interview information with only a few clicks. Then, it stores all key information related to your interview, so you can quickly at a glance see all relevant information regarding the role you’re interviewing at.

How is Huntr’s interview tracker different from tracking on a spreadsheet?

Using Huntr’s interview tracker is better than tracking via a spreadsheet due to the additional features you’ll be able to access. Huntr allows you to add job posting details to your interview tracker and saves them as text, so you don’t lose information when job postings get taken down. Plus, your interview tracker will include highlighted skills keywords, so you can better prepare for your interviews. All dates from application dates to interview dates get added to Huntr, so you can estimate timelines and know when to send follow-up emails.

How long after an interview should you hear back?

After an interview, you should typically hear back within 1-2 weeks. You can use Huntr to double check application and interview dates to determine when you should potentially hear back from recruiters.

How much does an interview tracker cost?

The interview tracker is included in Huntr's free tier. If you'd like more advanced features, you can upgrade to Huntr Pro for $40/month. Huntr Pro includes features such as a resume builder, cover letter generator, job tracker, job application autofill, and more.

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