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Optimize your resume for hiring managers

Huntr’s Resume Optimization helps you create a resume that passes ATS filters, allows you to optimize your resume for recruiters, and provides personalized recommendations tailored to you.

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Creating a generic resume won’t give you good results in the job search. Huntr’s Resume Optimizer will allow you to optimize your resume for specific positions and more, so you can land your ideal job faster than the average job seeker.

Pass ATS filters

Huntr’s Resume Optimization helps your resume pass ATS filters by suggesting relevant keywords for you based on specific job listings.

Optimize Your Resume

Generate a resume grade

You can better optimize your resume after receiving a resume grade with suggestions on how you can improve your score.

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Get insights in resume optimization

There are resume standards that hiring managers look for, such as resume length, section completion, the use of data and other metrics, the overuse of buzzwords, and more. Optimize your resume for all these things and more.

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Improve your match to a job

The Resume Optimizer also helps you optimize your resume to better match with the skills and requirements of a specific job. You’ll be able to identify relevant keywords you can add in only a couple of clicks.

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Optimize your resume with AI

You won’t need to hire expensive resume writers to optimize your resume. You can use Huntr to optimize your resume with AI suggestions to help you improve your resume on your own.

Optimize Your Resume

Receive personalized recommendations tailored to you

No two resumes will have identical recommendations. With a unique resume, you’ll have your own personalized recommendations tailored to you on how you can better optimize your resume for hiring managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize my resume?

Huntr makes it easy for you to optimize your resume by having callouts with relevant suggestions on how you can make tweaks to your resume to help you make it better. Check out your resume score to see your personalized recommendations, which you can modify as needed.

How do I ensure my resume is optimized for ATS filters?

You can ensure your resume is optimized for ATS filters by including the relevant keywords and skills your job posting requires. With Huntr, when you save a job, the relevant keywords get highlighted allowing you to pass filters that compare your resume to the job listing for job match.

What’s the best resume optimization tool?

Huntr is the best resume optimization tool you can use. It helps you optimize your resume for job match and content quality, length, and completion.

Is it better to use AI or human feedback for optimizing my resume?

Both AI and human feedback are helpful for optimizing your resume. AI is better for optimizing your resume because it’s faster to get valuable insights, can allow you to tweak your resume easier, and it’s more affordable than hiring a professional to optimize your resume.

How much does Huntr’s resume optimization cost?

Huntr’s resume optimization costs $40/month and includes a resume builder, cover letter generator, resume tailor, mock interview questions, job tracker, unlimited AI credits, and so much more.

Who should use a resume optimizer?

Any job seeker looking to optimize their resume after getting rejected for interviews or just wanting to improve their chances of being competitive in the job market should consider using a resume optimization tool.

What does a resume optimization tool scan for?

A resume optimization tool scans for: keywords in job listings, content length, content quality, and content completion.

How fast is the resume optimizer?

You will receive feedback on what you need to optimize your resume for in seconds.

Is it easy to optimize my resume on my own?

With Huntr, it’s easy to optimize your resume on your own as you’ll be guided with crucial feedback to make your resume better. The biggest roadblock to resume optimization is knowing what you need to make better. With relevant suggestions and callouts, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to better optimize your resume.

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AI Resume Builder

Beautiful, perfectly job-tailored resumes designed to make you stand out, built 10x faster with the power of AI.

Next-Generation Job Tailored Resumes

Huntr provides the most advanced job <> resume matching system in the world. Helping you match not only keywords, but responsibilities and qualifications from a job, into your resume.

Job Keyword Extractor + Resume AI Integration

Huntr extracts keywords from job descriptions and helps you integrate them into your resume using the power of AI.

Application Autofill

Save hours of mindless form filling. Use our chrome extension to fill application forms with a single click.

Job Tracker

Move beyond basic, bare-bones job trackers. Elevate your search with Huntr's all-in-one, feature-rich management platform.

AI Cover Letters

Perfectly tailored cover letters, in seconds! Our cover letter generator blends your unique background with the job's specific requirements, resulting in unique, standout cover letters.

Resume Checker

Huntr checks your resume for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition and more, ensuring your resume gets noticed by employers.

Gorgeous Resume Templates

Stand out with one of 7 designer-grade templates. Whether you're a creative spirit or a corporate professional, our range of templates caters to every career aspiration.

Personal Job Search CRM

The ultimate companion for managing your professional job-search contacts and organizing your job search outreach.