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A career platform for your student success and partnerships teams

One platform to track student searches, coach them, review documents, showcase your talent, manage employer partnerships, job openings and more.

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  • Job Seeker Management

    View and manage all of your job seekers in one single place.

  • Placement & Activity Metrics

    Gain insight into how many of your students are getting offers. Understand what activities your students are logging within a given time range. These activities include everything from applications, to interviews, follow ups, mock interviews, meetings and everything in between.

  • Job Tracker

    Each of your students receives a premium Huntr account, to help them track their job search.

  • Coach Assignment

    Assign an advisor or coach to each of your students. Advisors will receive daily updates on their student's searches.

  • Track Goals

    Design recurring or one time goals you want your students to accomplish. Enroll students into these goals and track goal attainment on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Resume & Document Review

    With Huntr, your students can upload all of their job search docs (resumes, cover letters, portfolios, offer letters and more), link them to individual jobs and share them with you.

  • Assign Activities

    Jump into your student boards and assign activities you want them to complete.

  • Branded Job Board

    Your own white-labeled job board to share opportunities with your students. Jobs can be posted directly by your employer partners or sourced by your team from ANY site using our chrome extension.

  • Talent Showcase

    Students can create their own professional profiles within Huntr. These profiles capture everything your team and your employer partners need to match job seekers to great opportunities.

  • Employer Portal

    Provide your employer partners with a white labeled self serve portal where they can browse candidate profiles and post jobs directly to your job portal.

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    70+ Bootcamps & Tech Academies Worldwide

    Huntr has helped the entire team understand the different seasonality and the strongest or weakest geographies, so instead of just talking about increasing the Job Placement, it gave us the right numbers and data to meet our targets.

    Alessia Luminari

    Head of Placement @ EPICODE

    We adopted Huntr to enhance our job placement services. Thanks to Huntr, our recent graduates are able to connect with our network of hiring companies, find job vacancies in those companies, organize their search and receive personalized accompaniment from our team. It has been a real game-changer in the way we support each one of them in their transition to work. On top of that, they love the tool!!

    Lucile Baratier

    Regional Director Of Employability And Company Relationships @ Laboratoria

    We are loving Huntr, It’s helping the clients keep organized. And giving us visibility over the work our clients are doing on their job searches. It’s been easy to implement and literally does every single thing promised! I see us using it for a long, long time!

    Maryse Williams

    Founder & CEO @ JobMorph

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