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Tailor your resume skills for the job you’re applying to in seconds with Huntr’s AI. With one click skills generation, you’ll be able to hand-pick relevant skills and tailor your resume with ATS-friendly keywords directly from each job posting.

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Can’t figure out the right skills to add to your resume? No problem. Huntr’s resume skill generator instantly generates skills you can add to your resume based on your target job title or the job posting you’re applying for.

Instantly Add Job-Specific Skills

You can add relevant skills based on the job title you have or hope to have. If you have skills in specific areas, you can manually choose from a collection of keywords relevant to that role.

Get Skill Suggestions

Insert Job-Tailored Skills in Seconds

Creating a job-tailored resume? Add skills automatically extracted from the job posting to your resume to improve your chances of landing in a recruiter’s interview pile. You can hand-pick from a selection of keywords found in any job posting you apply to.

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Easy Keyword Matching

Discover a score to help you understand how relevant your resume is to a job you’re applying for based on keywords. Easily add relevant keywords in one-click to increase your score.

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Choose From Five Types of Skills

Recruiters look for a range of skills when hiring a candidate. Find relevant skills from the following groups: hard skills, soft skills, knowledge, industry, and education.

Diversify Your Skills

Integrate Skills in Specific Spots, With the Help of AI

You can choose to integrate skills in different spots on your resume. You can add skills to your experience, resume summary, education, or skills section with only a couple of clicks. Our AI will even suggest achievement bullets that integrate the skills you’ve chosen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a skills-based resume?

You can create a skill-based resume by adding a skills section to your resume and including skills within your experience. Adding relevant keywords that revolve around the skills you’ve developed throughout your resume will make it more skills-based.

How do I find my skills for a resume?

You can use Huntr to find skills that are relevant to your work and educational experience to put on a resume. Simply add your job title or the job title you hope to have, to find a collection of keywords that you can add to your resume.

How does the resume skills generator work?

The resume skills generator works using Huntr’s AI to generate keywords based on the job title you’re targeting or by scrapping skills-based keywords from the job posting. You can then manually select which keywords are relevant to your own experience. Choose the exact placement of where you’d like those keywords added on your resume, too.

What skills should I put on my resume?

You should put skills on your resume that reflect your professional experience, highlight your personality, and showcase the knowledge you’ve built up. That means, you should consider adding hard skills, soft skills, knowledge based skills, education skills, and overall industry skills to your resume.

Which soft skills should I add to my resume?

If an employer adds specific soft skills to their job posting, you should highlight the soft skills you’ve developed onto your resume. The best soft skills to add to a resume typically include: communication skills, problem solving, adaptability, leadership, teamwork, creativity, and more.

How can I personalize my skills to my job?

You can personalize your skills to your job by using Huntr’s job-tailored resume Keyword Match tool. Once you add a job posting Huntr, you’ll automatically see relevant keywords highlighted and listed that you can add to your resume in a single click.

How much does the resume skills generator cost?

Our free tier should be enough to generate skills for a couple of resumes. For unlimited AI credits, you can upgrade to Huntr Pro, which costs $40/month and comes alongside other tools, such as a resume builder, with color-customizable designs, a cover letter builder, a job tracker, and more.

What skills are needed for my job?

You can use Huntr’s AI to find skills needed that are relevant to your job. Just type in your target job title, and you’ll be shown a selection of relevant skills.

What are the top skills in the workplace?

The top skills in the workplace are a mix of hard skills depending on your job title, soft skills based on company values, industry skills based on which industry you’re in. Employers might look for people with good communication skills, a positive attitude, and the ability to work well with others.

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