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Stop spending hours manually filling out the same information for every job application. All it takes is one-click of Huntr’s Job Application Autofill tool for you to completely fill out a job application form. Save time, apply to more jobs faster.

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Huntr’s Job Application Autofill helps you apply to jobs in seconds so you can improve your chances of landing more interviews. You can apply to hundreds of jobs in a single day, with only a click per application.

Free Chrome Extension

With Huntr’s Job Application Autofill tool, you’ll gain access to a free Chrome extension that simplifies the job application process. Besides filling out application forms, it will automatically save company, job title, location, links, and descriptions when applying to jobs online.

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Apply to more jobs, faster

With one-click job application autofill, you can apply to hundreds of jobs each day without feeling fatigued. With more job applications filled out, increase your odds of landing more interviews.

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A custom resume and cover letter, for every application

Use our job tailored resume builder and cover letter writer to create fully customized application materials for each job. It seamlessly integrates with the Chrome Extension for a quick and seamless experience. Go from finding a job to a completely customized application in minutes.

Customize Your Applications

Works on 1000’s of sites

Whether you apply for jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, or directly on an employer’s website, you’ll be able to easily autofill job applications in seconds.

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Securely Store Job Details

Save and access application dates, job details, salary information, and more in one place. Never lose information from a taken down job listing again.

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Access Pre-Populated Company Info

Automatically access pre-populated company information from a database of millions of companies. Get quick insight and information about the company you applied to for fast context.

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Easily Access Your Kanban Board

Add your job applications to a beautifully-designed kanban board so you can securely store all your job applications in one place. Drag-and-drop jobs you applied to into the interview stage in seconds to stay organized throughout your job search.

Organize Your Search

View Map of All Job Applications

Huntr shares a map view of where all jobs are located when you use Job Application Autofill. It’s easy to filter which jobs are closest to where you live, so you can cut down on commute times.

Visualize Your Job Search

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to autofill job applications?

Yes, you can use a tool like Huntr’s Job Application Autofill to quickly fill out job applications.

Is there an app to automatically apply to jobs?

Huntr’s web app can help you automatically apply to jobs by auto-filling job applications for you, saving you time.

Is it better to autofill job applications or apply manually?

It’s better to autofill job applications when you’re trying to apply to many jobs to increase your odds of landing a role. If applying to your dream job, you can autofill the repetitive information, and manually answer questions to add a flair of personality to your responses.

How does Job Application Autofill work?

Once you sign-up for Huntr, you can install the Huntr - Job Search Tracker & Autofill Chrome extension to effortlessly apply to jobs just by clicking the Chrome extension. All the information automatically gets saved to your Huntr kanban board, which you can access anytime.

Does the job application autofill save jobs found on LinkedIn?

Yes, Huntr’s job application autofill does save jobs found on LinkedIn when you apply to them with the tool.

Does the job application autofill tool work for freelance opportunities and internships too?

Yes, if the posting for the role is found online, you can use the job application autofill tool for any type of job, such as remote work, freelance opportunities, internships, part-time jobs, contract roles, and more.

How many job applications can I autofill?

You can autofill an unlimited number of job applications using Huntr. The first hundred jobs added to your Kanban board are free, a $40 monthly subscription is needed for anything above that.

What if the job application autofill can’t complete my entire application?

It’s rare that Huntr’s job application autofill can’t complete the entire application. However, in cases, where information doesn’t automatically populate, you can add your own personal touch.

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