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Generate interview questions based on a job

Quickly get a set of interview questions tailored to a job you applied for, with responses in a STAR format based on the experience listed in your resume.

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Need help with interview prep? No worries. Huntr’s AI supplies relevant interview questions for you to practice with answers based on the details of your resume.

Get job-tailored interview questions

Discover interview questions based on job descriptions for the role you applied for. When you apply to jobs, Huntr saves details and its AI generates tailored interview questions for you.

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Find STAR responses based on your resume

Many hiring managers want interview responses to be in the STAR format. Huntr’s AI generates AI answers based on this format to help you better prepare your interview answers.

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Ties in your work experiences to the answers

You’ll find references to specific companies and roles you’ve done in your AI responses to the interview questions provided. It’ll allow you to better share your own personal work experiences.

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Get realistic interview questions about your experiences

Receive realistic interview questions that are commonly asked about people’s work experiences. Better prepare for the types of questions a hiring manager would genuinely be interested in learning about you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common interview questions?

The most common interview questions are tell me about yourself, tell me about a time…, why do do you want to work here, and similar types of questions.

What is the STAR interview format?

The STAR interview format is a technique used by hiring managers to gauge relevant and specific information about your experiences. S- Situation: Share a challenging situation you found yourself in. T- Task: What were you tasked with needing to accomplish? A- Action: Which action(s) did you take to accomplish it? R- Result: Which goal, metric, or achievement was the end result?

What is the AI that supplies interview questions?

The AI that supplies interview questions is Huntr. Huntr’s job search tools include a whole suite of AI tools from a resume builder to a cover letter generator to mock interview questions and more.

What’s the best format to respond to interview questions?

STAR is the best format to respond to interview questions. Huntr’s AI answers all interview questions using your own work experiences answering questions in this format, so you can better prepare for interviews.

Is there an app that generates interview questions?

Huntr’s web tool generates interview questions in its AI tools section.

What site is best for interview questions?

Huntr is the best site for interview questions. You can practice interview questions based on the specific role you’re applying for. And you’ll get access to answers that are catered to your personal work experiences.

How long should I practice interview questions?

You should practice interview questions for several hours each day while interviewing at companies. This dedicated practice will ensure you go to interviews prepared, well-informed, and ready to answer difficult questions without being surprised or caught off guard.

How much does Huntr’s Interview Question Generator cost?

Huntr’s Interview Question Generator costs $40/month and comes alongside a whole suite of tools, such as an AI resume builder, cover letter generator, job tracker, and more.

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