Huntr Advisor

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for Bootcamps

A suite of tools for placement focused, outcomes oriented organizations helping students or clients land their next big opportunity

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  • Job Search CRM
  • Coaching & Support
  • Jobs Portal
  • Talent Showcase
  • Employer Portal
  • Reporting
  • Job Tracker

    Each job seeker under your organization receives a premium Huntr account, to help them track their job search.

  • Tasks & Activities

    Job seekers can log all their activities from applications, to interviews, resume prep and everything in between.

  • Contact Management

    Job seekers get to keep contact information for anyone they interact with during their search, from interviewers to recruiters and everyone in between.

  • Resume & Cover Letter

    Job seekers can upload resumes, cover letters and any other job search documents they need. Then link them to jobs, activities and more.

  • Chrome Extension

    Saving jobs from around the web takes seconds with the Huntr chrome extension.

  • Mobile Application

    Job seekers can browse for jobs and organize their search on the go with our native iOS and Android apps.

  • You're in good company

    We work with some of the top educational and career focused organizations in the world.

    For organizations serious about job seeker placements

    Huntr Advisor is used by companies of all sizes in many industries, including:

    Technical Academies

    Stop tracking your graduates' job search results in a spreadsheet. Offer your graduates access to a powerful tracking tool and your advisors the ability to follow job seekers' progress. Get your advisors and students all in one platform.

    Colleges & Universities

    Offer your students, new graduates and alumni the best job search tracking tool in the market and get insightful data for your career services department. Discover students’ job search trends regardless of where their sourcing jobs from.

    Career Coaches and Advisors

    Add value to your coaching practice by providing your clients with the best tool to organize their job search, branded with your own logo. Share jobs with your clients and keep a pulse of where they stand with their search.

    Career Accelerators

    Strengthen your main value propostion of placing job seekers by providing them with a powerful job tracker. Provide your career coaches with a platform to help your clients get the perfect job.


    Finding a job after a recent layoff is hard and stressful, staying organized helps! Provide your job seekers a tool that will allow them to stay on track, all while you get insights into your job seekers' searches.

    Workforce development

    You've provided your job seekers with the training they need to succeed. Now it's time to find them a great job! Huntr will help your job seekers stay organized and on track during their search, and will allow your team to understand each job seeker's unique situation.

    Keep everyone in the loop

    Break the data silos between your job seekers, internal teams and employer partners. All stakeholders can now work in the same system.

    Job seekers

    A powerful tool to organize their job search. Help them track all opportunities in one place while keeping tabs of tasks, notes, contacts, documents, activities, company details and important dates.

    Coaches & Advisors

    Your coaching team gets to view and manage all of your job seekers in one single place, design and track goals, review documents, share opportunities and more.

    Partnerships Team

    Your employer partnerships team can source opportunities, track candidate applications, browse through candidate profiles, export candidate lists/resume-books and more.

    Employer Partners

    Invite your employer partners into a white labeled portal where they can browse for job seekers and post job opportunities directly into your internal jobs portal.

    For your organization

    A powerful outcomes tracking, coaching, talent management and recruitment platform. Huntr Advisor provides a dedicated portal for your advisors and careers staff.

    Design and track job search goals

    Design recurring or one time goals you want your job seekers to accomplish. Enroll job seekers into these goals and track goal attainment on a weekly or monthly basis.

    One time or recurring goals

    Design recurring goals like '10 applications per week' or one time goals like 'Complete LinkedIn Profile in 14 days'.

    Email reminders

    Huntr notifies your job seekers of important milestones throughout a goal.

    Track performance

    Our system makes it easy to review aggregate and individual progress towards a goal.

    Curate and Showcase Opportunities

    As your advisors or partnerships team source jobs, your job seekers can browse those opportunities through your white labeled job portal

    Source jobs from around the web

    Advisors can use the Huntr chrome extension to save jobs to your organization’s job portal.

    All of your internal opportunities, in one place

    View and track all opportunities sourced by your advising or partnerships team in one table.

    Track job seeker engagement with each opportunity

    View who has saved, applied, interviewed or received an offer for any given opportunity.

    Showcase your talent via a branded portal

    Showcase your students or clients and connect them directly to employer partners, on your own talent portal.

    Comprehensive & Flexible Profiles

    Our candidate profile fields are extensive. On top of traditional fields like Education, Skills, Experience, Projects, etc; we also give job seekers the opportunity to express their job preferences, like salary ranges, locations, industries, roles and much more.

    Search and Export Candidates

    Search and browse through candidate profiles with powerful filters and full text search. Once you’ve found a set of candidates you like you can export them via CSV or a PDF Resume book.

    Candidate Lists

    You & your team can collaborate to create curated lists of candidates. Say someone in your team is looking for 'Top Engineering Candidates In Seattle that are open to remote work', you can find all those relevant candidates in just a few clicks!

    and much more...

    Branded job seeker experience

    Offer your job seekers a powerful job tracker under your organization's brand.

    Track job seeker progress

    Huntr tracks students' job search activities, from jobs added, to applications, interviews, offers and custom tasks; keeping students accountable for their job search success.

    Evaluate results through time

    As your job seekers complete applications, interviews and beging receiving offers; Huntr makes it easy to track job seeker and outcome trends through time.

    Your team, all under one platform

    Each person in your staff gets access to your organization's advisor portal, each with their own credentials.

    Share jobs with your job seekers

    Share job opportunities with job seekers using our Chrome extension or directly from the advisor portal.

    Track 1-on-1s and other activities

    Log 1-on-1s, mock interviews and any other activity you can think of by creating custom activities for your job seekers.

    Discover employers

    Advisors can discover and get statistics on which employers their job seekers are receiving applications, interviewing and getting offers from.

    Automate activity assignments

    Want your job seekers to follow up on an application a week after applying? Create automated activity assignment rules with our worfklows feature.

    Find who needs help

    Easily track key activities for individual job seekers to find who needs the most help.

    We are loving Huntr, It’s helping the clients keep organized. And giving us visibility over the work our clients are doing on their job searches. It’s been easy to implement and literally does every single thing promised! I see us using it for a long, long time!

    Maryse Williams / JobMorph

    We started using Huntr for our Master of Data Science degree program this year and it has been a great success. 85% of our job seekers are actively engaged and tracking their job search in Huntr 8 weeks into the program and we are already seeing significant improvements in our students' job search results.

    Sean Butcher / University of San Francisco

    Huntr has helped the entire team understand the different seasonality and the strongest or weakest geographies, so instead of just talking about increasing the Job Placement, it gave us the right numbers and data to meet our targets.

    Alessia Luminari / Epicode School

    For your job seekers

    A powerful tool to help them organize their job search

    Ground control for their job search

    Help your job seekers track all opportunities in one place while keeping tabs of tasks, notes, company details and important dates.

    Job Tracker

    Visualize the state of your job search in a kanban board. See how many applications, interviews and offers you’ve received in one view.

    Task & Activity Logging

    Track everything you need to do to get your dream job, from polishing your resume to preparing for the big interview.

    Contact Management

    Keep contact information for anyone you interact with during your search, from interviewers to recruiters and everyone in between.


    Document your job search journey and keep important job information handy with notes.

    Activity History

    View a full timeline of all your job search activities from application to offer accepted.

    Job Search Metrics

    Track your job search progress through insightful metrics.

    Document Upload

    Upload your resumes, cover letters and any other job search documents you need. Then link them to jobs, activities and more.

    The only life vest I found that will help you through the storm, Huntr — a formidable tool that manages to make you feel good at the end of your job search day, enjoy ;-)

    Andrew Paterson / Job Seeker

    You guys are fantastic and do great work. I love huntr and have used it in every stage of internship to internship (a few times over) and finally to my first ever real full-time job. Thank you a million times!

    Knowrhah Fleurimond / Job Seeker

    Huntr kept me organized and motivated. The Chrome extension was probably my favorite feature! In the past few days I got two job offers, and I accepted one! Thank you so much for making this - it's been such a huge help!

    Katy Glouchevitch / Job Seeker

    For employer partners

    A self-serve talent recruiting portal

    Offer a self-serve recruiting experience

    A white labeled portal for your employer partners to browse for job seekers and post job opportunities directly into your internal jobs portal.

    Employers can browse candidates

    Employers will be able to browse/search through your candidates (with your permission).

    Employers can post jobs

    Employers can post jobs directly to your internal job portal through the employer portal and see job seekers who have interacted with the opportunity.

    Employers can view candidate lists

    Share curated candidate lists with specific employer partners.

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