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Need a secure place to keep your hiring manager’s contact details? Store email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, and more on Huntr.

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Keep your work and home life separate

After your job search is over, you probably don’t want a recruiter’s phone number on your phone. But it might come in handy someday, that’s why you should store it in Huntr, your favorite job search tool.

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Store your hiring manager’s details

Store your hiring manager’s contact details in one place. Keep all your job search details on Huntr’s easy-to-use and secure tool.

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Organize your contact information

Add the job posting, company, contact details, and full name of the people you’re interviewing with so there’s no confusion or mixup when you have an upcoming interview with someone.

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Follow up with recruiters with ease

By saving phone numbers and email addresses in Huntr, you won’t have to do much digging to find contact information. A quick search will help you find contact details fast so you can send a follow-up email or make a quick phone call to thank someone for their time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I store all my job search contacts?

It’s important to store all your job search contacts in one safe place. But you probably don’t want to keep them on your phone as it can blur the lines between work and your personal life. Huntr is a good place to store all your job search contacts as it’s where you can keep track of all job search details, such as jobs you’ve applied to, application documents, and more.

Should I keep track of all my job search contacts?

Yes, keeping track of all your job search contacts can be helpful for a number of reasons. First, it’s always good to keep information, such as which recruiter you’re interviewing with at what company. If you’re doing multiple interviews, you won’t want to mix up names and places. Second, it allows you to keep those contact details for future networking purposes. You can store social media handles and more if interviews go well to stay in touch with people who make hiring decisions.

How do you remember the names of your interviewers?

It can be hard to remember the names of your interviewers. If you get an email from a hiring manager, you’ll want to store it in Huntr alongside the company they’re with, what their role at the company is, and more.

What sort of details can I store in the contact tracker?

In Huntr’s contact tracker, you can store details, such as their first and last name, job title, company, location, email address, phone number, social media handles (LinkedIn, Github, and more), and which job you applied to.

What’s the best contact method for reaching out to recruiters?

The best contact method for reaching out to recruiters is the method they first reached out to you on. For example, if a recruiter reached out to you on LinkedIn and your message history is located there, you would contact them through that method. Typically, email is the most common contact method for reaching out to recruiters if you’re unsure.

Who should I add to the contact tracker?

You should add all the people you’re interviewing with on the contact tracker. You might add recruiters, hiring managers, or team members that you meet with and get to know along the way throughout your interviewing journey.

Where should I store my recruiter’s phone number?

You should store your recruiter’s phone number on Huntr’s Contact Tracker. Your job search is going to be busy with a ton of interviews, you’ll want to make sure you keep phone numbers in one secure place. And you probably don’t want to keep a recruiter’s phone number on your personal phone.

How much does the contact tracker cost?

The contact tracker is included in Huntr’s free tier. You can also upgrade to Huntr Pro for $40/month and you’ll be able to build a resume, tailor it resume to a job using AI, scan job postings for keywords to add relevant job-related skills to your resume, access a kanban board for tracking all your job applications, and so much more.

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