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No more messy spreadsheets. Track and manage all your job applications in one place. Instantly save job descriptions, contacts, salaries, documents, and more.

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The most comprehensive job tracker in the world. Elevate your search with Huntr's all-in-one, feature-rich management platform.

Job Tracker

Kanban View

Effortlessly manage your job applications by dragging and dropping them into different stages on our intuitive Kanban board, ensuring you stay organized throughout your job search.

Track Activities

Keep a detailed timeline of your job search, from the day you apply until the day you receive an offer, helping you monitor every step and stay on top of your activities.

Contact Tracker

Manage and track all your networking contacts, including recruiters and senior leaders, to maintain a strong professional network and ensure you never lose touch with key connections.

Upload and Manage Documents

Easily store, organize, and access all your resumes, cover letters, and other essential documents in one place, ensuring you have the right materials for every application.

Map View

Visualize the locations of potential employers on a map, allowing you to choose jobs that are conveniently close to home and avoid long commutes, making your job search more efficient.


Gain insights into your job search with detailed metrics, helping you track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and refine your strategy to land your next role faster.

Huntr’s job application tracker helps you stay organized during a busy job search. Use one-click automation to securely store all application details faster in a sleek, user-friendly interface.

Effortless Job Tracking

Track all your job applications, interviews, documents, and more in one convenient place. Remember every opportunity, regardless of where you found it.

Track Your Search

Save Job Details Faster

Store all application information in one click with the Chrome Job Clipper. Show up to every interview prepared without having to worry about job listings being taken down or awkward questions about salary expectations.

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Monitor Interview Milestones

Easily drag and drop job applications into the interview stage on Huntr’s intuitive Kanban board. Log your interview date and time so you never miss another interview again.

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Manage Multiple Resumes

Tailoring your resume for each application? Great! Seamlessly store a unique resume and cover letter per job to easily access the correct documents during interviews.

Manage Your Resumes

Retain New Connections

Meeting countless recruiters and senior leaders during the interview process? Manage your networking efforts with contact tracking.

Manage Your Contacts

Choose Jobs Close to Home

Tired of long commutes? Huntr’s Map View allows you to see how close to home the companies you’re interviewing at are.

Start Visualizing Your Search

Improve Your Job Search

Getting data on how your job search is going can help you land your next role faster. Gain access to job metrics to track your progress and identify areas of improvement.

Get Job Metrics

Track Activity Details

Trying to figure out timelines of when you applied or did your last interview? View a complete timeline from the day you apply until the day you get an offer.

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Join 300,000+job seekers who’ve used Huntr to build their resumes, manage their job search and land jobs at 1000s of companies

Track Your Job Search Faster

Spend less time organizing your job search by using easy one-click functions and drag-and-drop features on Huntr to streamline your job tracking. With all the time you save in tracking details, you’ll have more time to prepare for interviews, so you can land an amazing new job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a job tracker?

A job tracker is a tool you can use to help monitor all your job search details in one place, to easily assess how your job search is going and how you can improve.

How can I track my job search?

You can track your job search by signing up for Huntr’s job tracking tool, where you’ll be able to import job details, store contacts and documents, view company location maps, track activity details, and more for free.

Why should I use a job tracking tool?

You should use a job tracking tool to improve your job search performance. Some people will spend months applying to jobs without hearing back. Without data and analytics it can be hard to know what you’re doing wrong. Gain access to the metrics you need to help better understand your performance; from applications, to booking interviews, to landing offers to scoring a new role.

What’s the best way to track job applications?

The best way to track job application is by using a tool like Huntr to organize your job search. With Huntr, you’ll be gain access to countless features to quickly add jobs, application details, interview schedules, and job tailored resumes and cover letters all in one, secure place.

How much does the job tracker cost?

Huntr’s job tracker offers a generous free version which allows you to also build a resume, tailor it using AI, autofill applications, and more. Huntr Pro, which costs $30/month, offers even more advanced features.

Who should use a job tracker?

Anyone looking for any type of job should use a job tracker. Whether you're an established professional aiming for a higher salary, a freelance writer pursuing online opportunities, a student applying for internships or launching their career post-graduation, or someone re-entering the workforce after a break, a job tracker is your indispensable tool for success.

How is a job tracking tool better than a job tracker spreadsheet?

There’s more manual work involved in using a job tracking spreadsheet than using a job tracking tool like Huntr. Since Huntr’s job tracking tool is free and purpose-built for the job search, there’s more upside to benefit from: one-click job details saving, manage all your tailored documents in one place, and simplify updates with drag-and-drop functionality.

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AI Resume Builder

Beautiful, perfectly job-tailored resumes designed to make you stand out, built 10x faster with the power of AI.

Next-Generation Job Tailored Resumes

Huntr provides the most advanced job <> resume matching system in the world. Helping you match not only keywords, but responsibilities and qualifications from a job, into your resume.

Job Keyword Extractor + Resume AI Integration

Huntr extracts keywords from job descriptions and helps you integrate them into your resume using the power of AI.

Application Autofill

Save hours of mindless form filling. Use our chrome extension to fill application forms with a single click.

Job Tracker

Move beyond basic, bare-bones job trackers. Elevate your search with Huntr's all-in-one, feature-rich management platform.

AI Cover Letters

Perfectly tailored cover letters, in seconds! Our cover letter generator blends your unique background with the job's specific requirements, resulting in unique, standout cover letters.

Resume Checker

Huntr checks your resume for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition and more, ensuring your resume gets noticed by employers.

Gorgeous Resume Templates

Stand out with one of 7 designer-grade templates. Whether you're a creative spirit or a corporate professional, our range of templates caters to every career aspiration.

Personal Job Search CRM

The ultimate companion for managing your professional job-search contacts and organizing your job search outreach.