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Keep striking out on the job search? Get insights into your personal job search metrics. From interview conversions, to application cadence, gain a better understanding of how well you’re doing to improve your chances of finding a job.

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Wondering how many job applications it is taking you to get an interview? Or how many interviews it takes to land an offer? Gain insights based on your personal job search.

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Gain access to stats about how many roles you’ve applied to, how many interviews you’ve completed, how many contacts you’ve saved or followed up with, and more.

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Get a chart view with all of your application and interview dates to quickly assess how long it takes to hear back from recruiters to help you understand how your job search will go.

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Quickly scan to see all the jobs you’ve applied to at a glance and which companies they were.

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Getting insight into how many applications you’ve done in a given week can help you stay on track with your job search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my job search?

You can improve your job search by applying to more jobs and tailoring your resume for those jobs. As a result, you’ll land more interviews. To transition from interview to offer, you’ll need to practice tons of interview questions and rehearse for your interviews. Ultimately, the job search can be a numbers game with a hint of luck. You can use job search metrics to help you understand if you’re applying to enough places. Plus, by accessing the data on how many interviews you get based on how many places you apply to, you’ll know how many more jobs you’ll need to apply to to land a certain number of interviews.

How do I measure my performance as a job seeker?

You can measure your performance as a job seeker by using job search metrics on Huntr to help you assess whether or not you’re performing well. For instance, if you find you’ve applied to countless jobs but haven’t landed too many interviews, it could be a sign to tweak your resume or tailor it to the jobs you’re applying to. If you’re landing tons of interviews but no offers, you might need to brush up on interviewing skills and practice more questions.

How do I track how many jobs I’ve applied to?

You can track how many jobs you’ve applied to by checking your job search metrics. You can quickly see at a glance how many jobs you’ve applied to or access the list of places you applied to and for what roles.

How do I analyze what my job application to interview ratio is?

You can analyze your job application to interview percentage by looking at the Job Search Funnel section in Huntr’s Job Search Metrics. It’ll help you understand what your personal bottlenecks are in the interview process.

How do I analyze the number of job offers I’ve had compared to applications?

You can use Huntr’s Job Search Funnel under Job Search Metrics to help you see the percentage of offers compared to applications and interviews.

What’s the best tool to use for getting job search metrics?

Huntr is the ultimate job search tool that tracks your applications and more. As a result, you’ll gain so many great insights from job search metrics when you actively update your Huntr account every time you make progress in your job search. When you apply to jobs, it gets added to your Huntr account. When you land interviews, you can drag-and-drop companies into different stages to help you better understand your own personal performance in the job search.

How much does it cost to gain access to job search metrics?

It costs $40/month to gain access to job search metrics and that’s only one feature of many you’ll be getting with the subscription. You’ll also have access to a resume builder with customizable, professionally-designed resume templates. You’ll have access to a keyword scanner which scans job postings for relevant job-related keywords that you can add to your resume in a couple of clicks. You can also use features like job application autoflll, a kanban board job tracker, and more.

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Huntr extracts keywords from job descriptions and helps you integrate them into your resume using the power of AI.

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Save hours of mindless form filling. Use our chrome extension to fill application forms with a single click.

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Perfectly tailored cover letters, in seconds! Our cover letter generator blends your unique background with the job's specific requirements, resulting in unique, standout cover letters.

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Huntr checks your resume for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition and more, ensuring your resume gets noticed by employers.

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