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Build a professional and impactful resume on your own with our online resume builder. Focus on content while we take care of the layout and design.

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A powerful Resume Builder to help you create a resume that stands out from the crowd

Resume Builder

Target Specific Roles

Optimize your resume by tailoring it to a specific job title, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the roles you're applying for.

Professional Summary

Craft a captivating professional summary that highlights your unique experience and career goals, with the option to use AI assistance for a polished touch.

Work Experience

Detail your job history with precision, emphasizing your achievements and the impact you've made in previous roles, making your resume stand out to employers.


Showcase your academic background and tailor it to fit the job you're targeting, highlighting the qualifications and skills you've acquired through your education.


Feature your key projects, demonstrating your skills and accomplishments in a way that is relevant to the job you're applying for, with a focus on impactful results.


List your relevant skills and match them to the job requirements, showing potential employers that you have the capabilities they need. Our AI will also suggest in-demand skills for the target job title, ensuring your resume is comprehensive and targeted.

Socials & Links

Enhance your professional presence by including your social media profiles and important links, making it easy for employers to learn more about you.

Customize the Layout

Organize and format your resume sections to best represent your professional story, allowing you to present your information in a way that suits your style and career goals.

A resume builder can empower you to create a professional resume on your own, with ease. This step-by-step resume builder will help anyone create a stunning resume in minutes.

Reorder your resume, your way

Change the order of your resume in the way that best suits your needs. Reorder bullet points or entire sections to fit your professional experience best.

Design Your Resume

All your professional details covered

Effortlessly include Experience, Education, Projects, Skills, Links, and more. Our builder ensures every section of your resume is crafted to impress.

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Build and download for free

Our basic resume builder is completely free. You can create a resume, edit all sections, download it as a PDF, and apply to jobs with it; all without ever hitting a paywall.

Start Building

Choose from seven professionally-designed resume templates that you can color customize with presets chosen by a resume designer.


modern · simple


elegant · professional


creative · colorful


fun · colorful


simple · classic


minimal · clean


classic · simple

Edit titles

You can edit titles as you wish. This is great for someone looking to create a resume in another language, empowering international job seekers to build a stunning resume.

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Store multiple resumes

On Huntr’s free plan, you can store up to 100 documents (resumes, cover letters, etc). On Huntr’s paid plan, you can store an unlimited number of resumes and cover letters. Ideal for those who tailor their resume.

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Download as a PDF, easily

Once you’re finishing building your resume, you can download your resume as a PDF so you can start applying.

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Import your LinkedIn profile

You can import your LinkedIn work history into Huntr to help you build your resume faster. You can edit, add, or remove sections of your LinkedIn import effortlessly.

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Get inspiration from our resume examples

Take a look at some resume examples built with Huntr's Online Resume Builder.


Product Designer Resume Example


VP Engineering Resume Example


Product Manager Resume Example


Marketing Manager Resume Example


Entry Level Business Analyst Resume Example


Sales Representative Resume Example

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is a tool that helps you design a required document commonly used to help you acquire a job.

How much is a resume builder?

Huntr has a free plan you can use to build, edit and download your resume. The Pro plan of Huntr costs $40/month and comes with various other features, tools, and perks.

How can I download a resume using a resume builder?

After you’ve completed all the sections of your resume, you can download a resume as a PDF in Huntr. You’ll find a “Download PDF” link in the top right corner of the tool.

What’s the best resume builder website?

The best resume builder website is Huntr, which allows you to customize your resume in multiple ways, makes resume writing quick and easy, and comes with other great features for job seekers.

Can I modify the details in a resume builder easily?

Yes, you can modify the details in a resume builder easily. You can edit any section of your resume as needed.

Is it better to use a resume builder or create a resume myself?

It’s better to use a resume builder with a professional design instead of creating a resume yourself. A resume builder will help guide you through what you need to do to improve your resume.

What else does Huntr’s resume builder come with?

Huntr’s resume builder is also available alongside other job search tools, such as a cover letter generator, mock interview questions, job tracker, and so much more.

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AI Resume Builder

Beautiful, perfectly job-tailored resumes designed to make you stand out, built 10x faster with the power of AI.

Next-Generation Job Tailored Resumes

Huntr provides the most advanced job <> resume matching system in the world. Helping you match not only keywords, but responsibilities and qualifications from a job, into your resume.

Job Keyword Extractor + Resume AI Integration

Huntr extracts keywords from job descriptions and helps you integrate them into your resume using the power of AI.

Application Autofill

Save hours of mindless form filling. Use our chrome extension to fill application forms with a single click.

Job Tracker

Move beyond basic, bare-bones job trackers. Elevate your search with Huntr's all-in-one, feature-rich management platform.

AI Cover Letters

Perfectly tailored cover letters, in seconds! Our cover letter generator blends your unique background with the job's specific requirements, resulting in unique, standout cover letters.

Resume Checker

Huntr checks your resume for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition and more, ensuring your resume gets noticed by employers.

Gorgeous Resume Templates

Stand out with one of 7 designer-grade templates. Whether you're a creative spirit or a corporate professional, our range of templates caters to every career aspiration.

Personal Job Search CRM

The ultimate companion for managing your professional job-search contacts and organizing your job search outreach.