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Use Huntr for your resume storage and know where all your tailored resumes are when you need them.

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Creating a resume for every job can hog up valuable computer space. Store all your resumes securely online using Huntr so you can easily access them when you need them.

Unlimited resume storage

On Huntr’s Pro plan, you can store an unlimited number of resumes. On the free plan, you’ll be able to upload up to 100 documents, such as resumes, cover letters, and more.

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Keep all tailored resumes in one place

When tailoring your resume for every job, you don’t want those resumes to take up valuable computer space. Instead, it’s best to store them online.

Organize Your Tailored Resumes

Easily access which resumes you used per job

You can quickly find and access which resume you used for every job when using Huntr for easy viewing.

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Great for job seekers, career coaches, and more

Resume storage is ideal for those looking for jobs who tailor resumes for every position, career coaches managing multiple clients, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many resumes can I store in Huntr?

On the free plan, you can store up to 100 documents in Huntr, which includes resumes and cover letters. On the paid plan, you can store an unlimited number of documents, including resumes, cover letters, and any other job-related documents needed.

Why should I store my resumes?

You should store your resumes to keep them all in one place that you can easily access. For example, storing resumes on your computer takes up valuable space. By storing them online in Huntr, you can access them as needed without using up any space on your computer.

Who should use Huntr’s resume storage?

Job seekers, career coaches, resume writers, and other people who need to create multiple resumes should use Huntr’s resume storage.

How do I organize my resumes online?

You can organize all your resumes online by storing them on Huntr. Titling your resume with specific names will make them easier to find and access so creating a standard naming convention could be helpful.

How do I keep track of my resumes?

You can keep track of your resumes by keeping them organized securely online in Huntr. By keeping them all in the same place it’ll be easier to keep track of.

Where should I store resumes online?

You should store resumes online using Huntr, the ultimate job search tool.

How much does Huntr’s resume storage cost?

Huntr has a free plan where you can store 100 documents including resumes and cover letters. On the paid plan, you’ll pay $40/month for unlimited resume storage and this also includes other document files as well.

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AI Resume Builder

Beautiful, perfectly job-tailored resumes designed to make you stand out, built 10x faster with the power of AI.

Next-Generation Job Tailored Resumes

Huntr provides the most advanced job <> resume matching system in the world. Helping you match not only keywords, but responsibilities and qualifications from a job, into your resume.

Job Keyword Extractor + Resume AI Integration

Huntr extracts keywords from job descriptions and helps you integrate them into your resume using the power of AI.

Application Autofill

Save hours of mindless form filling. Use our chrome extension to fill application forms with a single click.

Job Tracker

Move beyond basic, bare-bones job trackers. Elevate your search with Huntr's all-in-one, feature-rich management platform.

AI Cover Letters

Perfectly tailored cover letters, in seconds! Our cover letter generator blends your unique background with the job's specific requirements, resulting in unique, standout cover letters.

Resume Checker

Huntr checks your resume for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition and more, ensuring your resume gets noticed by employers.

Gorgeous Resume Templates

Stand out with one of 7 designer-grade templates. Whether you're a creative spirit or a corporate professional, our range of templates caters to every career aspiration.

Personal Job Search CRM

The ultimate companion for managing your professional job-search contacts and organizing your job search outreach.