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Save jobs to your job board

Use Huntr’s Job Clipper to help you save all the crucial job details to your job board. Keep all job details secure in one place.

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Clips jobs onto a job board so you never lose job details after job listings are taken down. Easily access the company name, job title, locating, listing link, and job description in one place.

Instantly save all job details

Hiring managers sometimes take down job listings just before the interview process. Get easy access to job details by using Huntr’s Job Clipper to save all those details in a secure place.

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Add jobs from popular sites

Huntr’s Job Clipper works on many popular sites, such as the biggest job boards online and more. More sites get added on a regular basis too.

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Autofill job applications

You can also use the Chrome Extension that clips jobs to autofill your job applications so you can apply to more companies faster.

Speed Up Your Applications

Never lose job descriptions

Keep track of all job descriptions with the Job Clipper. Better prepare for interviews by reviewing job descriptions in Huntr just before important interviews.

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Tie in saved jobs with AI functionality

By saving jobs to Huntr with the Job Clipper in only a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to access other features, such as the resume tailor, which highlights keywords from job descriptions that you can add to your resume with ease.

Use AI Features

Store job location

Want to know how close to home the jobs you’re applying to are? Store job locations from job postings and access a map view to showcase which are closest to home.

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Remember where you found the posting

Can’t remember whether you applied directly on a website or job board? Using Huntr’s Job Clipper job listing links will be saved automatically so you can access those details.

Get Organized

Add notes and other details

After saving a job using the Job Clipper, you can add notes and other key information to your job board that’ll help you stay organized in your job search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clip jobs?

You can clip jobs by installing Huntr’s Chrome extension on your Chrome. Once added, you can clip jobs in two clicks, storing all details in Huntr.

Is it better to use a job clipper or to save it myself?

It’s better to use a job clipper instead of saving it yourself. It’s a more organized process. Plus, you can save 100 jobs using Huntr’s job clipper for free.

Why should I use a job clipper?

Hiring managers often take down job listings when they’re no longer interested in getting candidates. But that means when you’re preparing for an interview the listing is no longer live. And you might not remember the fine details of the job you need to prepare for. Using a job clipper, jobs are saved in a couple of clicks allowing you to securely store all those key details online.

How much does Huntr’s Job Clipper cost?

Huntr’s Job Clipper is free for 100 saved jobs. After this, you can sign-up for Huntr Pro for $40/month. With Huntr Pro, you get way more than a job clipper though. You’ll be able to build your resume, tailor your resume to jobs, create unlimited cover letters, track jobs, access mock interview questions, and more.

How many jobs can I clip?

You can clip 100 jobs for free. On the paid plan, you can clip unlimited jobs.

Who should use a job clipper?

A person who wants to perform well in interviews should use a job clipper. It’s about staying organized during the job search, rehearsing interview questions, knowing job details thoroughly so you can better personalize your answers, and more.

What does a job clipper do?

A job clipper saves all the key details of a job posting, such as job descriptions, company name, job title, and link.

Where can I find Huntr’s Job Clipper?

You can find Huntr’s Job Clipper in the Chrome Web store by searching for “Huntr”.

How fast is Huntr’s Job Clipper?

Huntr’s Job Clipper takes seconds to save jobs as it’s a two-click process.

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