What's New?

A rundown of the latest Huntr feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

🔑 SAML SSO, 👁️ Toggle Candidate Visibility and more..

We’ve been heads down focused on growing the team and building product since our last update. We’re excited to welcome Trevor McCann as the newest member of the Huntr team, Trevor joined as a full stack engineer in October, arming us with more capacity to keep building tools that help you our schools, coaches and organizational customers help their job seekers. We’ve also pushed some important new features like SAML SSO, new reports, more data export functions and more.

🛣️ Public Product Roadmap

Stay updated with the features we’re working on and what’s coming down the pipeline with our new public product roadmap! We work in 2 week sprint cycles, so expect to see new features every week. View the Roadmap.

🔑 SAML Single Sign On

SAML SSO allows your job seekers to log into Huntr with your organization’s internal authentication service (G-Suite, Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, etc). This means that your job seekers will not have to create yet another set of credentials and can log in directly into Huntr from your intranet, bypassing the email-password login step. If you’re interested in SAML SSO, contact our sales team! Contact us for more info.

👁️ Candidate Profiles Visibility toggle

Want to hide profiles from employer partners until they're completed, or maybe hide the profiles of candidates who have already been placed? Take full control over the candidate profiles that your employer partners see with employer visibility toggles. You can now toggle candidate profiles individually or in bulk from the Candidate Search view. Not using candidate profiles yet and are interested? Contact us to schedule a demo!

☑️ Bulk Job Post Editing

Need to close hundreds of job posts at a time? You can now bulk update the status for job posts, just check the boxes next to the selected job post rows and click the bulk actions button at the top left of the table.

📊 Job Counts By Stage Report

While our Activity reports and charts are useful for analyzing what your job seekers have been doing during a specific time frame, they are not useful at displaying the number of jobs that currently sit in each stage of a job seeker’s board. So, our new Job Counts By Stage report shows the current number of jobs each job seeker has in each stage of the board template selected at the top right.

📈 Reports View

We’ve replaced our dashboard view with a friendlier Reports section, making it easier to find and analyze the data you’re looking for.

📁 Export Reports & Chart Data

Export csv data from a report or chart by clicking the export button at the bottom left of each table.