What's New?

A rundown of the latest Huntr feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

📊 Improved board metrics for job seekers

Board metrics make it easy for your job seekers to self track their jobs, applications, and any other type of activity through time (by day, week, month).

We've added a date picker so that job seekers can explore their performance for any date range of their choice. If you are encouraging your job seekers to send a certain number of applications, or log a minimum number of activities, board metrics make it easy for job seekers to check on their progress. Learn more.

🗂 New activity tabs

The new tabs in the activities page make it easier to digest activities by splitting them up in four groups: Networking, Applications, Interviews and Offers. All activities are still accessible through the default 'All' tab.If you’ve created custom activity categories that you want to belong in any of those sections just edit the ‘Activity Category Type’ field for that category and set it to one of those 4 options.

🤖Create job posts for your portal from the API

Our new job post creation API endpoint makes it easy to save job posts to your organization's portal programatically. Read the changelog.

👩‍💼Employer partner job post submission form with Airtable and Zapier

Having a job post creation API endpoint means you can not only send job posts to Huntr from your home built systems, but can also create interesting integrations through Zapier.We wrote a tutorial showing how to create an employer facing job post submission form using Airtable and Zapier. Check it out at the link below! Read the tutorial.