What's New?

A rundown of the latest Huntr feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

📄 Document Upload, 🏢 Employer Portal, 💎Talent Showcase and more...

It has been a busy few months since our last update and we couldn’t be more excited to share the results of our work! We’ve launched some key features that will help your coaching teams, along with some new functionalities that will make it easier to showcase and create connections between your talented job seekers and your employer partners.

📄 Document uploads

Your job seekers can now upload all of their job search documents into Huntr , wherever they live (local upload, DropBox, Box, Google Drive and more) and even link them to job opportunities.

Your coaching team can now review all of a job seeker’s documents from the admin dashboard and even view the Documents without having to leave the dashboard. Learn more here

🧑 Candidate profiles

Job seekers can now create their own professional profiles within your platform. These profiles capture everything your team and your employer partners need to match job seekers to great opportunities. Your team will have full access and edit rights to candidate profiles, allowing you to jump in when needed.

Our candidate profile fields are extensive. On top of traditional fields like Education, Skills, Experience, Projects, etc; we also give job seekers the opportunity to express their job preferences, like salary ranges, locations, industries, roles and much more. See the next section to learn more about how you can use candidate profiles to showcase your talent. Learn more.

💎 Talent showcase

As your job seekers build their professional profiles (with your team’s help), you get to browse through these profiles with powerful filters. Want to find your engineers looking for work in Seattle? Or perhaps your designers with Figma skills open to remote opportunities? Our extensive filters plus full text search (including text decoded from document uploads) make browsing and finding candidates a breeze. No need to spend hours manually parsing through resumes or LinkedIn profiles to match candidates to employers or opportunities.

Once you’ve found one or more candidates, you can either save them to candidate lists (which you can decide to share with select employer partners) or export them to a CSV or branded PDF resume books in seconds. Learn about Candidate Search.

💻 Employer portal

Provide your employer partners with a white labeled self serve portal where they can browse candidate profiles and post jobs directly to your job portal. It all starts with an invite sent to your partners. You can decide what permissions to give each partner, from browsing candidate profiles to posting jobs, you have full control over who can do what.

Employer partners can view who has saved jobs they’ve posted. Any opportunities posted by the employer partner will be visible by your job seekers through your portal. Employer partners can also see all the job seekers who have saved and applied to an opportunity they posted. Learn more here.

🌎 Custom domains

Take your branded platform to the next level by hosting it under your own custom domain name. Contact us if you are interested.

📝 Job seekers can edit custom field values

Want your job seekers to select their program, cohort or graduation date themselves? With custom field visibility and permissions you can allow job seekers to view and update data about themselves. Your job seekers will now see a new Membership section on the left side menu of their Huntr dashboard, there they will see their assigned advisor and any custom fields you have given them view/edit access to. Learn more.

* Note that all custom fields are private by default, you have to toggle this permission on in your organization’s settings to make a field accessible to job seekers.

🕑 Last seen at field

Ever wonder which job seekers in a cohort are actively using Huntr? Or when was the last time someone logged in? You can now get this information through the last seen column in the Job Seekers table. We update this field each time a job seeker logs in or does anything within the platform.

🤖 New API actions and resource

As a result of the new Document Upload feature, our API has a 3 new action (and hence Webhooks!) types and a new Document resource type. Read the changelog.