What's New?

A rundown of the latest Huntr feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

🎯 Design and track goals to keep job seekers engaged and on track

🎯 Job Seeker Goals

The Huntr Goals feature is a game changer for keeping your job seekers engaged and on track with their search! Goals allow you to design recurring (weekly/monthly) or one time goals for your job seekers and track goal performance across all of them.

Once you enroll a job seeker into a goal, they'll be able to log activities towards that goal. Huntr takes care of creating weekly/monthly goal intervals, notifying your job seekers of upcoming goal deadlines, tracking their progress and offering those metrics up so you can quickly view who is performing well or falling behind. Schedule Demo or Learn more here.

Some goal examples

📥 10 applications per week
📣 2 interviews per month
🤝 1 meetup p/week 👨‍🏫 Meet your coach
🏆 Get placed in 4 months
🎙️ One mock interview

🧑 Updated job seeker profile

We've revamped the job seeker profile page. Tabs within a job seeker profile make it easier to find the information you're looking for. We even have a new Goals tab that shows what goals the job seeker is enrolled in along with their progress for the goal.

We've also added profile photos that both advisors and job seekers can upload.

📝 Activity Category Instructions

You can now write rich text instructions for your job seekers for any custom activity categories you've created. Instructions can even contain links to other sites. They allow you to expand on what you expect of your job seekers when they are logging certain activities.

Enter activity category instructions by going to your organization's settings page and editing any custom activity categories you've created.

💻 API Updates

We have some new resources and webhook Actions released as part of our new Goals features. Read the changelog.