What's New?

A rundown of the latest Huntr feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

📎 Invites Via CSV, 👥 Better Job Sourcing Tools, 📓 Improved Job Seeker CRM Functionality & More

2023 has only just started, and here at Huntr, we've been totally focused on making sure our Advisors have the tools they need to succeed. Our product roadmap has been set entirely by our current customers' priorities and has included updates big and small to improve your experience.

📎 Import Job Seekers via CSV

We are very excited about this feature! You can now add job seekers simply by uploading a CSV with their custom fields populated. This should save time sending invites and ensure that key job seeker data is in Huntr. We've changed the "Create Board" button to "Invite Job Seekers," and you can now send invites from either the "Job Seeker" or the “boards” tab. We have also improved the custom field entry form. You can still copy and paste emails in if you like. See a video tutorial of CSV invites here!

👥 Job Seeker Groups

There are several reasons you might want to have job seekers assigned to specific groups. For example, you may want to group job seekers based on a program or location to easily source jobs for that specific group. Or simply to have a better way to quickly view progress and reporting. Job seeker groups allow you to set static ("Regular") or dynamic groups based on your custom fields.

👁️ Limit Job Post Portal Visibility

Make sure that when job seekers go to your organization's job portal, they're seeing relevant posts by limiting visibility. You can now limit job post visibility to only certain job seeker groups. For example, if you have a program for Full Stack Developers and one for UI/UX Designers, you can limit the visibility of your UI/UX design roles to just your UI/UX job seekers.

🔏 Candidate Profile Required Fields + Completion Status

You want to make sure that your job seekers are always putting their best foot forward. That's why we've built filters so that you can easily see how complete a job seeker's profile is and whether they've completed all the required fields that you have assigned prior to sharing their profile with hiring managers and recruiters. Required fields can be set and managed in your settings tab.

Don't have access to Candidate Profiles as part of your plan? Reach out to [email protected]

📓 Private Job Seeker Notes

You'll now be able to keep track of all your notes on job seekers in their member profiles. This means that you and your team will all be on the same page as to where job seekers are at in their search.

Job Seeker Timeline View

Want to see what a job seeker has been up to? We've redesigned the job seeker member record with an easy-to-navigate timeline view complete with all the activities they are doing in Huntr.

🔒 Create Custom Permission Groups

As your organization grows into the Huntr Advisor platform, you may find the need to limit certain actions to only a set of members of your team. Maybe one team member only needs access to API-related features, while another requires full feature permissions. We developed Permission Groups to help you deal with this situation, and now you have the ability to create your own custom groups.

Performance Improvements

You may also notice that the app loads a bit quicker in the past few weeks. Our engineers have made several changes that have improved performance and given us the runway to support even larger organizations as you grow and scale.

⚙️ Webhook Filters

You will now have the ability to filter webhooks to only trigger when specific actions occur. You can now also add filters by activity types and activity categories.

🤖 API Updates

  • New advisorEmail body parameter in Create Organization Invitation endpoint to assign an advisor to newly invited members.
  • New memberFieldValuesKeyedById field in Member resource for quick access to member's custom field values.
  • New lastSeenAt field in Member.