Introducing Huntr 3.0: AI Resume Builder, Cover Letter Writer, Application Autofill and more

Today is one of the most exciting days in both Huntr’s and my career‘s history. 10 years ago I decided to change paths from Marketing to Tech. I was a self taught “designer” with an obsession for beautiful software and very basic html skills. My day job was as a marketer, but all I wanted to do was design and build tech products. I ended up going back to school to get my computer science degree and eventually starting Huntr, that was 6 years ago.

The journey has been transformative. Today, I'm thrilled to announce the biggest launch in our 6 year history. We’ve been working hard for 5+ months and today we finally get to share the results! I am so proud of our team (Sam, Trevor, Nicole). I can confidently say, this is the most powerful and exciting piece of software I have ever worked on.

The job search is a gruelling time in all of our lives: scrolling through job postings, submitting applications, and going through multiple rounds of interviews and follow-ups can be a draining experience. The process is filled with tasks that feel repetitive and wasteful: customizing resumes, writing dozens cover letters, filling application forms with the same info over and over again, tracking applications and the list goes on.

The features we are launching today aim to reduce a significant amount of this drudgery. Our goal is take all of the tedious little tasks of the job search off your plate, so you can focus on the truly important parts like defining your career values/goals, networking, skill development and interview prep.

We’re launching several new features; each of which seamlessly interacts with the other, resulting in what I personally feel is a truly magical experience for job seekers.

AI Powered Resume Builder: There’s a lot of resume builders out there, we wanted to innovate in the space to create a modern resume builder that’s powered by AI. A resume builder that not only helps you find the right words to say, but gives you suggestions on how to better optimize your resume for success. Users will be able to generate AI copy for their summary, achievements, and skills to help them pass ATS filters and help give their resume more visibility when being screened by technology.

💼 Job Insights: Huntr turns any job description into a perfectly organized layout to help you find the information you need to know, faster. We do this by using powerful algorithms that extract important keywords, responsibility + qualification sentences and more from the page and presents these both in-app and in the Chrome extension. This works in any page that has a job in it; from top job search engines to company career sites.

🎯 Job Tailored Resumes: We’ve built what we think is the most advanced tool to build job targeted resumes. Our tool looks not only at keyword coverage, but also at how well the content of your resume matches the responsibilities and qualifications in the job description; meaning our builder goes beyond word matching and considers meaning! We take it a step further, by providing an inline editor that makes it easy and quick to integrate keywords and important responsibilities/qualifications into your resume, all powered by AI. This allows job seekers to create perfectly tailored resumes in a fraction of the time.

🤖 AI Tools: We’ve built 12 new AI tools, such as a cover letter generator, interview prep questions, thank you email, follow up email, offer negotiation, and more. Some of these tools will instantly generate personalized content based on your resume or job you’re applying to. For example, you can generate personalized interview questions based on your resume and the job you’re applying to so you can really dig into your experience and qualifications.

💯 Job Match Score: If you’ve ever wondered how well your resume lines up with a job, you’ll now find the answer on Huntr. Huntr has a built in grader to help you easily assess how qualified you are for a job based on the experience listed on your resume. You might think you’re the perfect candidate for a role, but does your resume show that? With Huntr, you’ll get instant feedback and suggestions on how to better optimize your resume for a specific job. As suggestions are implemented, you’ll see your score increase bringing you closer to a more aligned resume for hiring managers.

Resume Checker: One of the hardest parts of applying to jobs and getting rejected boils down to: is my resume good enough? Fortunately, there’s a specific checker built in with a grade that helps you craft a high-quality resume. Not only will you be able to ensure your resume has all the right sections, and the right length, but you’ll also gain suggestions on how to improve your resume content. With this kind of feedback, you’ll be able to make your resume more recruiter-friendly to help you land more interviews.

⚙️ Application Autofill: With a more competitive job search landscape than ever before, job seekers will need to apply to more jobs to help them improve their chances of landing interviews. Application autofill helps automate the process of typing out the same repetitive answers on application forms, such as contact details. With this automation in place, you’ll be able to apply to more jobs faster, so you can land your next role with ease.

🎨 Beautiful Templates: We were disappointed with the typical templates most resume builders have. We knew we could build templates that are not only beautiful but also ATS friendly to help people land more interviews with a professionally-designed resume template. We’ve created six stunning designs to choose from that are color-customizable to give people more freedom to design their resume in a way that best showcases their personal flair.

Rennie Haylock

Rennie Haylock

Rennie is the founder of Huntr. He has dedicated over six years to building tools that help job seekers streamline and organize their job search. With a rich background in full-stack engineering and design, Rennie has personally engaged with thousands of job seekers, gathering insights to refine and perfect Huntr's offerings.

His blog contributions draw from his deep experience and passion for helping others achieve their career aspirations, offering readers practical advice on job searching, resume crafting, and career development.

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