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Lead Software Engineer ( ROR/ Full Stack)


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Location: Bengaluru, Bangalore North, Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India Posted: Mar 11, 2022

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Lead Software Engineer ( ROR/ Full Stack)

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Job Description

Bang the Table( Now part of Granicus ) is a global leader in digital community and stakeholder engagement software. Our flagship product, EngagementHQ, is used by planners and government agencies around the world to give stakeholders and citizens opportunities for involvement in key decision making, while empowering engagement professionals with a unique suite of tools for capturing and analysing stakeholder input.

As a Lead Engineer , you'll be joining an established product delivery team dedicated to empowering our clients based primarily in local government. We’re expanding our tech team in order to provide better and more efficient services to our customers as we enter into a new phase of product expansion and capability.

We recognise the need for specialisation and also believe in cross-functional Product teams: as an engineering lead you will be expected to not only provide clear leadership and direction regarding code quality, test automation, and solutions architecture, but also to be accountable for your team’s ability to deliver features and enhancements as accurately estimated increments.

As part of a genuinely agile team in a Lean product delivery environment, you’ll be responsible for guiding your team to solve problems, meet goals and KPIs rather than merely delivering to a specification.

We want to leverage your experience in leadership, software design, problem-solving and test automation strategy to help us continuously improve our delivery and collaboration processes. We have a range of technologies and our fair share of legacy combined with brand new initiatives. A healthy dose of pragmatism and a creative approach is required as we navigate our delivery strategy through a mixture of new and legacy products and services.

Tech Stack :

Mandatory : Ruby on Rails

preferred : JavaScript, Node JS, React JS,

Our core technology stack is a Ruby on Rails API with a NextJS front-end providing server-rendered pages as well as a single page application client. Our entirely cloud-based stack is augmented with Node and Lambda services which reflect our intention to migrate away from a monolith toward smaller, more focused services developed as part of product-led, mobile first strategy. We are in the process of moving our infrastructure to be entirely configured in code using Terraform and Kubernetes.

Key Responsibilities of Lead Engineer :

The Engineering Lead will help guide team members with the above responsibilities and has the additional responsibilities of:

· Helping your Engineers grow their skills and experience

· Providing order of magnitude estimates to inform the Product Roadmap

· Help with agile project management processes to help the team deliver

· Help to interview candidates for all aspects of team fit (technical and cultural)

· Give regular and clear feedback around team member’s performance

· Foster technical decision making on the team, but make final decisions when necessary

Skills & Requirements

Skills & Experience:

· You have extensive experience with different software systems; you can demonstrate experience designing, architecting and optimising solutions and have worked with and successfully modernised legacy systems before

· We are committed to continuous improvement ; an open mind and a growth mindset enable iterative improvements across the team, our processes and our product

· Experience working as part of a product team ; you have worked as part of a cross-functional team and recognise that pragmatism and adjustment are just as important as following a plan or working to spec’.

· You are a problem solver who is excited by a challenge. You know how to break a problem down and look at its component parts, but you can be creative and think out of the box as a way of solving that problem

· You understand iterative software development , what constitutes an MVP, and are passionate about the enablers for this: TDD and Continuous Integration.

· You enjoy flexibility in your work. Our growth and pace of change means there are constantly new things to work on every day, and as such it’s likely that you’ll regularly be working on new and exciting projects.


· Prior experience of managing people

· Prior experience of providing technical leadership as part of a team

· Prior experience working with Ruby on Rails

· Prior experience working with legacy systems


About Granicus

Granicus provides technology that empowers government organizations to create better lives for the people they serve.

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