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Location: Somerville, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA Posted: Jun 09, 2020

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Synopsis:We’re looking for an engineer with a passion for QA and automation, to design and develop testing infrastructure Tulip’s cloud services. You’ll help us reach the next level by driving quality-related initiatives and by developing a culture of quality within our organization. Your insights and influence will be the backbone for decisions that affect all areas of Tulip’s products and technical evaluation. Sound exciting? Apply below! About you:Success in this role will require deep experience with QA and software engineering best practices. You like to solve problems and drive process improvement with a strong quality mindset. You are meticulously detailed and organized. You are eager to figure out why things are broken and turn your learnings into improved processes. You enjoy collaborating with different engineering teams to stay on top of new features and figure out how best to test them.
  • You’ve built up automated tests through skillful adaptation of open-source technologies, balanced with targeted manual QA efforts.
  • You know the difference between TDD and BDD, and can explain which works best for different situations.
  • You can structure test frameworks with an eye towards reusability and discuss the strengths and drawbacks of common testing frameworks (karma, protractor, behave, selenium, rspec) based on personal, in-depth experience.
  • You know when a situation calls for a quick script to glue it all together, and feel comfortable creating it in bash, nodejs, python or similar.
  • You can write useful, detailed bug reports, and have experience with defect tracking systems like JIRA.
  • You’re interested in how to adapt methodologies and tools common to software testing to IoT use cases and technologies. Even better if you have some direct IoT experience.
  • Some experience with CI/CD configuration and tools preferred.
About the role:The QA/Automation engineer will help set and build the technical strategy for testing at tulip. Specifically, it requires the ability to test Tulip’s rapid cadence of releases, and at the same time execute on longer-term goals to design and write tools to ensure our QA capabilities scale. At Tulip, we have three different release cycles – one each for hardware, embedded software, and the web. Each cycle has its own challenges and testing strategy. On the web side, we use standard Selenium-based tools for integration testing. On the Hardware side, there’s less off-the-shelf, but automation is just as importantAbout Tulip:Tulip is the first Platform-as-a-Service for manufacturing. We’re disrupting one of the largest industries in the world and empowering the people who make the things you interact with every day. Factories that are run with Tulip are more efficient, their workers are more productive, and they make fewer mistakes. Why? Because manufacturing apps guide and provide them with the right information at the right time. We call it bottom-up digital transformation. Join us if you want to help create the next industrial revolution

About Tulip

Tulip, a spinout from MIT, brings the power of Industrial IoT and advanced analytics to the manufacturing workforce via its app platform.

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