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Location: 1019 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA Posted: Jul 04, 2019

Job Description

Zendesk created Sunshine, a new CRM platform, in 2018. Our team is in charge of Sunshine Objects, a database as a service within Sunshine. Your knowledge and experience building and scaling web services will be a critical addition to the team! Traits we are looking for: Humility We are on a team together, and we will succeed or fail together. We are looking for people who work well as a team, and have empathy for each other, our peers at Zendesk, and most importantly our customers. Honesty and visibility We are a team. We are vulnerable with each other. We keep each other grounded and joke around a bunch, but we also ensure that we keep the conversation honest and open so that when something looks off or is headed in the wrong direction you won't hesitate to speak up. Optimism Failing is part of growing and experimenting. Push the boundaries and you may fall flat on your face. But if you can't see the rainbows through the failure foliage, you'll struggle much more than you need to. Communication We use our team’s values of humility and honesty to guide us as we communicate. Pull-request reviews are a learning experience for everybody. In order for our team to succeed we will need to build trust and empathy across the global Zendesk Engineering organization. Who you get to work with: We have a diverse team with engineers coming from different backgrounds. You will also interact with other teams within Sunshine, based in San Francisco and Melbourne (Australia). Your manager, Trav, started as an engineer in the Melbourne office in 2013. He is there to provide guidance, feedback, and support. He believes in openness and transparency, empowering you to work independently, working with you to identify areas of interest and growth options, and creating opportunities for you to succeed.

What you get to do:

    • Be a part of a larger team that is building a Product / Platform from the ground up that will contribute to the entire Zendesk product suite.
    • Participate in diverse projects and collaborate with multiple engineering teams.
    • Work alongside teammates in San Francisco and Melbourne.
    • Help increase our observability and reliability.

You should have some of these attributes:

    • You’ve worked in multiple languages, but bring hands-on experience with Golang, or a strong desire to learn.
    • A strong understanding of both relational as well as NoSQL databases would be great to have - you understand how database read and write operations can be scaled, what the CAP theorem is, and the tradeoffs between ACID-compliant and eventually-consistent databases.
    • Strong experience building enterprise grade software, and have seen some of the challenges presented working at a global scale.
    • Commitment to quality and reliability; when debugging a tricky intermittent issue you won’t give up until the feature behaves as expected, the root cause has been identified and an automated test has been put in place to avoid the issue recurring. Even better, you share how you tracked the issue down, how we can avoid similar issues in the future, and add metrics to track and confirm the issue was resolved in production.
    • Commitment to code ownership; you don’t believe in throwing code over the wall and instead believe in taking ownership of design, development, testing, deployment, and are capable of debugging operational issues.
    • You are just as happy diagnosing latency, writing technical documents and RFCs, refactoring code to be more readable, or developing product features.
    • Experience with AWS services like Aurora, DynamoDB, SQS will be nice to have!
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