16 Positive Signs You Will Get the Job After Interview

You’ve been doing interviews for a while and signs are starting to look good. You’ve got a good feeling about the companies you’ve been doing interviews with and instead of second-guessing your intuition, you’re looking for proof that you might be headed towards working at a new company. In this article, we’re going to share 16 positive signs you will get the job after an interview.

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16 Positive Signs You Will Get the Job After Interview

1. The interviews feel easy and natural

Feeling nervous before an interview is very normal. Feeling nervous during an interview is not. Once the interview starts, you should feel at ease if you’re around the right people. If you find yourself fumbling over words or saying weird things, it’s a sign that the person you’re sitting with makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s a red flag that this isn’t the company you should be working with. Instead, if you feel at ease, upbeat, and uplifted throughout the interview, it’s a sign that things between you and the hiring manager are going well. They’re a good vibe to be around. Remember, social awkwardness in an interview is less about you and more about how people make you feel. If you feel at ease, you’re around good people. And that’s exactly the type of person you want to work with.

2. You’ve interacted with multiple people

The hardest part of an interview is building rapport with multiple people at a company. Interacting with multiple people will give you a clue as to what the company culture is like. The most disconnected person from the company culture is typically the recruiter. They can tell you what the culture is like, but your boss and team members will be the best indicators of what the culture is really like. When you’re interacting with interviewers at multiple stages, you’ll start to piece together whether or not you fit in well with people. If you like every person you meet with and they’re easy to get along with, you likely are a good fit with them. And moving through multiple stages is a surefire sign you will get the job after an interview.

3. The interview goes over time

Most interviews stick to a set time, especially if they’re interviewing multiple candidates at the same time. However, when an interview goes over time, it’s typically a sign that the interviewer really liked you. Why? They’re engaged in the conversation and they lose track of time. The conversation was probably flowing naturally, which is why the two of you got immersed in it. If the interview ends on time, it’s probably because it was just a standard interview for them. But when you know how to hook them in to you, you’ll likely have their full attention. When you’re excited about a project, you get into a flow state. A really engaging interview kind of feels like that flow state of enjoying your work. You’re so immersed in the present, you don’t notice anything else (not even your clock).

4. They call out interesting comments about you

One of the signs you will get the job after interviewing is that throughout the interview process hiring managers make call outs to your accomplishments, credentials, your way of thinking, your personality, ideas you have, and so on. If they say things like “I love your experience in…” or “That’s a really interesting idea..” or “I love that!” throughout your interview experience it's clear that they see something in you. You’re not just another ordinary candidate, you stand out to them. When interviewers like a candidate, they want the candidate to like them too so they’ll dish out more praise and positive feedback to indicate that they genuinely like you. If you can recall several positive compliments or comments they made about you, you might get an offer soon.

5. The interviewer seems genuinely excited about you

When going through the interview process if the interviewer seems genuinely excited about you, it’ll show. They’ll be active listening throughout the call. They’ll be excited to follow up with you. A hiring manager might even ask you interesting questions based on what you say to show that they’re listening and excited to hear your thoughts. They’ll move you along the interview process hyping you up to the next interviewer. You’ll likely hear from one of the interviewers that so and so really liked you. They’ll confirm your suspicions so you have a clue that you’re on the right track. Their body language will also showcase that they like you. They might mirror your body language, such as similar hand gestures or picking up their drink at the same time as you.

6. They researched something you said in your application

Sometimes when you’re applying to a job, you need to answer some creative questions rather than just filling out the same kind of experience-based questions. If you answer a question in a unique way or that stands out to your interviewer, they might talk about it. Maybe they’ll tell you about how they started researching the idea you mentioned in your application and wanted to learn more about your thoughts on what you said.

7. They talk about salary with you in later stages

It’s normal for a salary conversation to take place in the first interview. It sets the expectations while also ensuring you’re aligned with the salary set for the role. However, if the salary conversation creeps up again in later stages of the interview, it’s a sign that they could be considering sending you an offer soon. You’ll likely get the job after an interview where salary is discussed in later stages. They might be confirming your interest and expectations because they are excited about you as a candidate. They want to ensure you’ll accept the offer if they send you one. Since most people choose jobs based on salary, it’s clear that the one they offer you needs to be one you genuinely want.

8. They contact your references

If a hiring manager contacts your references before sending an offer, it’s a sign that they’re seriously considering you. They likely have a good gut feeling about you and are double checking to ensure your story checks out. They’re genuinely excited to hear about what other people who’ve worked with you think about you. If you hear from your references that the company called them, you might find yourself getting the job offer sooner rather than later.

9. You meet the whole team

Passing a screener interview is easy. But getting to or passed the team interview is proof that you’re a top contender. If a hiring manager feels really good about you, they’ll introduce you to the rest of the team. When you get to the stage of meeting the team you’ll be working with, they’re specifically looking at team dynamics to see how you get along with others. And if you get along well with the team (or at least you felt comfortable during that interview) you’ll likely be considered for the final offer. If you’re meeting the team, it’s all about whether or not you can maintain a casual relationship with them. Were you able to enjoy the conversation with team members or did the interview feel too scripted? If it was a more formal interview with the team, the ball is still up in the air. But if the team interview had a casual tone, you likely had good chemistry with them.

10. They ask you about other interviews

When a hiring manager asks you about other interviews you’re doing and what stages you’re in with them, they’re likely interested in hiring you. This is just to get a pulse check on whether or not they need to speed up the interview process with you or send you an offer fast to stay competitive. It indicates that they really like your application and you as a person. This question can be tricky to answer as showing you’re getting other interviews shows that you are a popular choice but also that the company would have to compete for you. But if they’re asking you about your other interviews, they likely are seriously considering you for the role.

11. They tell you when they’ll get back to you

It can be seen as a formality to walk a candidate through all the stages of an interview process. However, it can also be an indicator that they want you to hang on throughout all the interview stages because they’re genuinely interested in you. Telling you that you’ll hear back by Friday means that they’re not only organized but also that they want you to expect to hear back from them. If you’re given a set date or timeline to expect to hear back from a hiring manager, you will likely get the job.

12. You talk shop with them

When interviews transition from formal to casual, you know you’re making a good impression on a hiring manager. You can talk shop to an interviewer by sharing your ideas, getting them excited about opportunities you think they could capitalize on, talk about industry trends and your thoughts on them, and more. The goal of talking shop is to get them excited to talk to you so you can build rapport and get to know you better. When you’re having good conversations with hiring managers, they’ll be more likely to remember you. When an interview sticks with its rigid formal style, it can indicate that you don’t have chemistry with this person. And if the chemistry isn’t there, they probably won’t be super excited about hiring you. An interview with your future boss should get them excited about what’s possible when they hire you, so leaning into opportunities you can help them with and why you’re qualified to do just that will help you inch towards that offer.

13. They give you positive feedback

If an interviewer has been giving you positive feedback at multiple stages of the interview process it’s a clear sign you will get the job after interviews are over. If you’re unsure about what they think of you, you could always ask them for feedback. For example, you might ask, “Is there anything you need to know about me to help clarify if I’m the best candidate for this role” or “Do you have any feedback for me that you’d like me to apply for the next interview stage.” Asking for feedback can be intimidating, but having the confidence to ask will help you gain the context you need to better sell yourself. For the most part, you’ll get positive feedback when you and an interviewer just click.

14. They ask you what you think about them

When interviewers are excited about you, they may still be insecure. Maybe they’ve been excited about candidates only to get rejected by them. It’s kind of like being on a date with someone you really like, and you’ll flat out say, “I like you, do you like me?” Hiring managers can do the same thing. At a certain stage of an interview, they might ask you what you think about joining the company, what your thoughts have been throughout the interview stages, and if you’re excited or on the fence about them. They’re secretly hoping you’re as excited about them as they are about you. So, if you’re asked this question in the final interview, it’s one of the surest signs you will get the job.

15. They respond to your email positively

Sending a follow-up email to a hiring manager is a clear indicator that you’re genuinely interested in working at a company. How they respond back to you will be your indicator in how interested they are in making it happen. If you get a rejection from them, it’s a no. If they send a warm response saying it was great meeting you and they’ll get back to you with a decision shortly, it’s inching closer to a yes, you will get the job.

16. They tell you they’ll send you an offer

The biggest green-flag sign you will get the job after interviewing is an email saying they want to hire you and will extend an offer to you shortly. They might confirm further details with you regarding start dates, salary expectations, and whether or not you want to join. Sometimes, you get a simple check-in right before an offer letter is sent and it’s a clear sign you’re getting hired. Congrats!

Next steps

If you think an offer is on the way, stay calm and wait to celebrate once the offer is made. Then, go out to a nice dinner to celebrate your newfound success. If you end up getting rejected for a role, you can use Huntr to practice interview questions, track interviews, or make tweaks to your resume to help you land the next role. Sign up for Huntr today!

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