110 Resume Accomplishment Examples to Wow Hiring Managers

Your resume accomplishments are what’ll set you apart from other candidates. Hiring managers look at what you’ve achieved in previous roles to help them gauge how you’ll perform in your current role. Showcasing the metrics and big wins you’ve had in previous companies will help excite hiring managers about you as a candidate, so you can land that coveted new role faster.

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What are resume accomplishments?

Resume accomplishments are the bullet points you include about what you achieved in your role at a company. They may include awards, hit targets, innovative ideas, projects, or solutions you did, problems you solved, or things you improved or reduced at a company.

What’s the difference between resume accomplishments and resume responsibilities?

Some people choose to list tasks they completed on a resume. This isn’t a bad practice but when you’re applying for a position against hundreds of other applicants, it can be hard to stand out against someone sharing their achievements. It’s not about what you did at a job but how you helped drive results to achieve a goal. Framing your bullet points as accomplishments instead of responsibilities will help elevate yourself as a candidate during the job search process.

Where do you include resume accomplishments?

You include resume accomplishments under your work experience section.

How many resume accomplishments do you need per role?

You can list between 3-5 accomplishments per role listed on your resume.

How to write resume accomplishments

1. Use AI to identify accomplishments

Unless you made a list of accomplishments that you stored with all the details of what you did in your previous roles, it may be hard to remember all the great work you did at your last company. Using AI suggestions is a great tool to identify some accomplishments you achieved in your last role. Huntr’s AI helps generate some of the most common achievements people have in specific roles. It helps jog your memory so you can craft a better resume that reflects the best things you did in your last role.

2. Personalize your accomplishments

Using AI for your resume can be great to help you find the right words to use, remember specific examples, and more. Personalizing your accomplishments takes that AI to the next level. By injecting personal targets you’ve hit, unique projects you worked on or led, or sharing specific examples of big wins you had in your role, you’ll be among the best candidates to a hiring manager.

3. Tailor accomplishments to job

The difference between a good resume and a great one is how well you tailor your accomplishments for the job you’re applying for. Two jobs could be hiring for the exact same role, but might look at those roles from unique perspectives. Tailoring your resume using Huntr’s resume tailor can help you stand out to a recruiter while showing the connection between your experience and the job you’re applying for so that it’s an easy yes into the interview pile.

4. Use action verbs

For your resume accomplishments to stand out, they need to start with power. Action verbs give that power behind the accomplishment to help set the scene of what you achieved in a role. Some common action verbs to use include: Led, Achieved, Wrote, Managed, Negotiated, Optimized, Analyzed, Collaborated, Built, Initiated, Resolved, and more.

Should I use AI for my resume accomplishments?

You can use Huntr to create AI suggestions for your resume accomplishments. Of course, you’ll need to input your own data and metrics of what you achieved during your time at specific companies. However, you can use AI suggestions to help you craft examples of accomplishments, jog your memory of what you did in your last role, and give you a starting point for where you should take your resume.

When it comes to using AI for your resume, it needs to be a mix of AI and self-edit. If you use AI for your entire resume, it’ll de-personalize your experience. You did have accomplishments, unique projects, and interesting work experiences in your role, you’ll need to inject that personality into your resume while using AI to help you craft the messaging a bit.

Resume accomplishment examples

General accomplishment examples

  1. Increased productivity by 90% by streamlining processes
  2. Successfully led a project to completion allowing us to hit our annual targets
  3. Reduced costs by 70% by cutting out unnecessary expenses
  4. Received an Employee of the Month award for boosting company morale during a tough crisis
  5. Trained and mentored new employees to help them onboard with ease
  6. Demonstrated adaptability by quickly learning new skills, such as…
  7. Resolved team conflicts while ensuring everyone on the team felt heard
  8. Maintained positive relationships with clients increasing retention by 65%
  9. Generated a 3x increase in revenue by implementing a more efficient tool
  10. Received positive feedback from peers, supervisors, and clients during performance reviews

Customer service accomplishment examples

  1. Managed a customer feedback report which helped marketing and product teams create better solutions leading to a 50% increase in revenue
  2. Achieved a high customer satisfaction rating of 95%
  3. Resolved 1500 customer complaints per month, reducing churn by 87%
  4. Demonstrated active listening skills increasing customer loyalty
  5. Implemented a new process which helped reduce customer wait times and created more efficiency on the support team
  6. Collaborated cross functionally to educate teams about product feedback
  7. Contributed content to the knowledge base articles to empower customers to resolve issues independently
  8. Increased revenue by 7x by upselling other products and services to customers
  9. Increased sign-ups in the customer loyalty program resulting in less churn
  10. Organized, tagged, and maintained records of customer interactions

Project management accomplishment examples

  1. Successfully managed 15 projects within budget and completed them on schedule
  2. Implemented Agile resulting in increased efficiency
  3. Managed a cross-functional team across various time zones while maintaining deadlines
  4. Mentored junior project managers helping two of them change levels
  5. Prioritizing tasks while managing multiple projects simultaneously
  6. Initiated ideas for projects based on customer data and marketing initiatives
  7. Fostered a collaborative and high-performing team culture while working cross-functionally
  8. Integrated new technologies to streamline processes
  9. Led project communications ensuring timelines were met
  10. Negotiated contracts with vendors and contractors

Marketing accomplishment examples

  1. Grew social media presence by over 100,000 followers by following trends and sharing actionable insights
  2. Drove traffic to the website through SEO, social media, referra traffic, and more generated over 20 million views
  3. Increased retention by 200% by optimizing the sales funnel and collaborating with product teams
  4. Improved landing page conversion rates through A/B testing experimentation
  5. Conducted market research to identify new trends and opportunities for marketing
  6. Repositioned a product as it evolved to attract new customers
  7. Experimented with Google Ads generating new leads and sign ups
  8. Developed strategic partnerships to increase revenue for the affiliate program
  9. Created video content that generated over 20 million views
  10. Developed thought leadership content on LinkedIn for senior management

Sales accomplishment examples

  1. Exceeded sales targets each month generating over $1,000,000 in revenue
  2. Closed 10 deals monthly ranking as the top-performing sales representative
  3. Strengthened relationships with clients to prevent churn
  4. Negotiated sales contracts resulting in increased profits
  5. Successfully penetrated new markets through research, data analysis, and experimentation
  6. Created high converting sales pitches that converted cold traffic to warm leads
  7. Demonstrated expertise in product knowledge to better personalize products to customer needs
  8. Presented in front of clients via product demonstrations to effectively communicate product value propositions
  9. Achieved a 30% conversion of upsells and cross-sells with clients
  10. Trained and created streamlined program for new sales representatives to achieve increased productivity

Accomplishment examples for students

  1. Developed leadership skills through extracurricular activities and campus clubs
  2. Achieved a high GPA of 4.0 consistently throughout academic year
  3. Received scholarships for academic performance
  4. Completed a challenging thesis on time while receiving recognition from faculty members
  5. Volunteered on a committee for an academic conference
  6. Participated in study abroad programs, gaining valuable cultural experiences
  7. Conducted independent research projects and presenting findings in front of 600 people at conference
  8. Participated in industry mentorship program and networking events to gain real-world knowledge
  9. Developed transferable skills through part-time and summer jobs
  10. Acted as a peer tutor for classmates to further develop their academic knowledge

Human resources accomplishment examples

  1. Initiated a new employee onboarding program, which helped onboard new employees faster
  2. Implemented two new perks to improve employee retention, resulting in less turnover
  3. Implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives resulting in a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  4. Resolved employee conflicts fairly to maintain positive employee relations
  5. Minimized legal risks for organized by complying with labor laws and regulations
  6. Conducted employee satisfaction surveys and implemented organization-wide changes to address areas of concern
  7. Played a key role in organization-wide restructuring to ensure a smooth transition for laid off employees
  8. Led diversity recruitment efforts to create a more diverse company
  9. Led leadership training program for managers to develop effective people management skills
  10. Led initiatives to promote employee recognition to create a positive workplace culture

Nursing accomplishment examples

  1. Received recognition for provide compassion patient care
  2. Achieved high patient satisfaction scores throughout career
  3. Managed complex patient cases, collaborating cross-functionally to provide quality care
  4. Assisted in code blue responses, providing resuscitation and life-saving interventions
  5. Received positive feedback from physicians and colleagues for being a team player
  6. Provided emotional support to patients and their families during difficult times
  7. Demonstrated proficiency in advanced nursing skills, such as phlebotomy
  8. Managed high crisis situations with a sense of urgency and calm
  9. Participated in disaster response and emergency preparedness training
  10. Streamlined processes to reduce patient wait times

Administrative accomplishment examples

  1. Managed tight calendars and schedules for executives and resolved scheduling conflicts
  2. Maintained databases for tracking and organizing crucial information
  3. Received recognition for superior attention to detail in administrative tasks
  4. Provided admin support cross-functionally
  5. Organized details for company events and meetings
  6. Reduced paper waste by 30% by inputting more information digitally
  7. Reduced office expense costs by 40% through organized monthly orders
  8. Answered phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication promptly
  9. Implemented new software to streamline administrative tasks
  10. Maintained a positive attitude while managing reception duties

Teacher accomplishment examples

  1. Implemented innovative teaching methods to increase student engagement
  2. Implemented individualized lesson plans tailored to different learning styles
  3. Received positive feedback from students, parents, and colleagues for classroom management
  4. Established a positive, bully-free environment in the classroom to increase student collaboration
  5. Facilitated extracurricular activities to enrich students’ educational experiences
  6. Resolved student conflicts quickly to create a cohesive classroom environment
  7. Facilitated parent-teacher conferences, providing detailed updates on student progress and achievement
  8. Organized field trips to provide experiential learning opportunities for students
  9. Received grants and funding for classroom projects
  10. Participated in curriculum development committees to provide feedback based on student assessments

Atypical accomplishment examples

  1. Managed a personal blog with a dedicated following generating hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors
  2. Completed a solo backpacking trip through multiple countries, demonstrating adaptability
  3. Achieved fluency in three languages through self-study and immersion experiences
  4. Planned a successful charity fundraiser, raising $10,000 for cancer research
  5. Started a small business which generated over $50,000 in twelve months
  6. Achieved mastery in robotics through self-education
  7. Completed a first aid course developing skills in CPR and more
  8. Completed a DIY home renovation project, showcasing project management skills
  9. Organized a community clean-up initiative to help reduce graffiti and garbage in community park
  10. Coached a kid’s soccer team and led them to semi-finals
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