11 Job Training Programs to Learn New Skills in 2024

Have you been thinking of upskilling in a new industry recently? Many people turn to tech-related fields for their earning potential. Whether you’re looking to master digital marketing or learn how to code or deep dive into the world of data, there are job training programs where you can quickly learn new skills. The best part of job training programs is that they give you the practical skills and experience you need to land a role without needing to take a four year program at a local college or university. Many top tech companies hire people right out of popular job training programs upon completion. This post includes world class job training programs you can sign up for today, so let’s get right into it.

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Digital Marketing

1. Jelly Academy

You can future-proof your career with training from Jelly Academy to help you land your dream job as a digital marketer or to apply marketing skills to an entrepreneurial project. You can choose between live classes or pre-recorded classes based on your schedule. In Jelly Academy’s job training program, you’ll learn how to master social media, land media coverage, rank in search engines, generate sales from ads, and send emails. So, if you’re looking to learn social media, PR, SEO, Google Ads and Analytics, email marketing, and more, you’ll want to turn to Jelly Academy for a deep-dive in learning. You’ll be taught by top industry experts who’ve mastered these skills themselves, so you’ll learn how to master digital marketing by someone who works in the field.

2. RevoU

You can accelerate your career with job training from RevoU to help you land high-paying jobs and embark on a rewarding digital marketing career. This job training program helps you build your portfolio allowing you to work on projects that get you job ready. Plus, you’ll have access to 1:1 career support to help you elevate your skill set. In this program, you’ll go through three months of intense lectures, study groups, assignments, and group projects to help you get a deep dive into the world of marketing. You’ll learn how to measure performance and manage budgets, product marketing, marketing analytics, social media ads, Google Ads, SEO, content marketing, social media, and CRM in this program so you can work in various marketing roles with ease.

Software Engineering

1. App Academy

App Academy offers 24 week training programs in software engineering to help you transform yourself into a full-stack web developer. You’ll learn how to build something from scratch while learning countless programming languages fast, allowing you to learn programming fundamentals, computer science, web development fundamentals, back-end engineering, front-end engineering, python, and a career quest. Their job training program also integrates AI into learning to help you upgrade your skills quickly. Classes start at 8 am with a one-hour lunch break at 11am and finish at 5. You’ll have homework each day to prepare for the next day’s material. So you can better absorb concepts taught in class.

2. Bloom Institute of Technology

Job training programs like Bloom Institute of Technology have high job placement rates for their graduates who are looking for their first industry job. They help people launch AI-driven tech careers. In their courses, you can learn to become a web developer, full stack developer, app developer, or software engineer. Courses combine AI and web development so you can master developer productivity and ship out more products faster. You’ll learn how to automate documentation, how to use AI for coding suggestions, master code reviews and quality checks, while also learning to debug.

3. Galvanize

Galvanize graduates often work at top companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and more. In their 12 week course, you’ll learn how to write HTML and CSS and build web applications, retrieve data, use APIs, complete features, build and deploy applications, use GitHub, and create microservices and web applications. After the program is complete, you’ll be ready to begin the job search. Galvanize offers 1:1 coaching sessions, mock interviews, portfolio and resume building, workshops, networking exercises, and an alumni network you can access.

Cyber Security

1. Chegg Skills

Job training programs like Chegg Skills offers 3-4 months worth of cyber security training in just 5-10 hours per week. You can learn how to apply AI in cybersecurity to help you detect threats, manage vulnerabilities, and improve your user authentication. Since it’s a part-time program with a flexible schedule, you can learn at your own pace after work or school to help you develop the skills you need to help you land a career in cybersecurity. You’ll learn how to manage privacy, automate routine tasks, and master AI practices for data privacy. The program will teach you AI fundamentals and operations, you’ll learn how to solve cybersecurity issues with AI, and how to stay updated on the latest AI tools and technologies in cybersecurity.

2. Evolve Academy

You can get world class cybersecurity job training from Evolve Academy in a part-time schedule while still getting the hands-on learning you need to prepare you for the workforce. Taught by industry experts, you’ll learn about networking, how to manage a security program, social engineering, threat intelligence, scripting for security, security operations architecture, security operations detection, cryptography, AppSec & offensive security, threat hunting and incident response, security apprenticeship, and get insights into preparing you for a job in the field. After learning everything, you’ll go through job prep training, such as cybersecurity resume prep, mock interviews, networking strategies, career coaching, employer partners, and more for you to jumpstart your cybersecurity career.

Data Analytics

1. Lewagon

With Lewagon’s job training program, you can get a data job in only three months after completing a data analytics course online or in-person. In their course, you’ll learn how to collect, extract, and transform data. You’ll gain a better understanding of business KPIs to create useful dashboards. You’ll become a world-class expert at using analytics tools while building a great portfolio on real-world data sets. Students in their data analytics job training program will also learn programming languages and tech tools like Python, SQL, Looker Studio, Power BI, Zapier, and Google Tag Manager.

2. Merit America

You can break into the world of data analytics by signing up for the job training program taught by Merit America. In only 19 weeks, you’ll gain a Google Certificate without needing to quit your day job to complete the course. Plus, you don’t need to pay for the course upfront. Graduates from their program go on to have successful careers in tech companies, such as Amazon, Alarm.com, Walmart, JPMorganCase, and IntelliSurvey. In their program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of data analytics, data manipulation skills with R and SQL, how to better understand data through visualization, and how to navigate the data analytics job market. The program is 100% online, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

UI/UX Design

1. Avocademy

Avocademy is an 8 to 16 week long-course depending on your time commitment per week. Graduates of the program world at world-class companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Delta, Expedia, and more. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s UX/UI course or one that centers itself around designing for AI, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a skilled designer. The program starts with an introduction to UX, UI, and AI. Then, it goes on to share insights in user research, ideation, UX design, UI design, and ends with lessons on how to build a portfolio that’ll land you a dream job at an amazing tech company.

If you are currently searching for a job in UX design, check out the UX jobs board, a curated job board for UI, UX and Product design jobs.

Data Science

1. Flatiron School

If you aspire to become a data scientist, you can embark on Flatiron School’s job training program and change careers in only 15 weeks. Graduates from the program have gone on to companies like Kickstarter, The New York Times, Goldman Sachs, PWC, Citi, Dow Jones, Google, and more. You’ll learn data analysis and engineering, scientific computing & quantitative methods, machine learning fundamentals, advanced machine learning, and you’ll even complete a data science project.

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Nicole Martins Ferreira

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