12 Best Job Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2024

Whether you’re a content creator, publication, or career coach in the job search space, you’re probably always on the hunt for new ways to make some additional income. Well, you’re in the right place. This post will do a deep dive of some of the best job affiliate programs you can sign up for to earn some additional income while promoting some incredible businesses in the job niche. So, let’s dive in.

Best Job Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2024

1. Huntr

Huntr is one of the most popular job search tools online. It started out as a job tracker that people used to track the places they applied to and booked interviews from. And this year, Huntr launched several new tools that make it the ideal tool to promote in the career space. Huntr’s tool offering includes a resume builder with AI functionality, a resume tailor that uses AI to help you tailor your resume for a specific job, an AI cover letter generator, a resume checker which gives you a resume grade, email templates, and even a handy interview questions selection based on the job you’re applying for. Huntr offers affiliates one of the best deals out there. If you sign someone up for the monthly plan, you’ll earn a 30% commission or $12/month for up to three months depending on how long a user stays on the platform. If someone signs up for the quarterly plan, you’ll earn one payment of $27. And if someone signs up for the bi-annual subscription, you’ll earn one payment of $48. There’s a 30-day cookie window too. With so many options of tools you can promote, you’ll be able to create various pieces of content about Huntr to help you earn more as an affiliate, making this the best job affiliate program to sign up for today.

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2.  Fiverr

In the job search space, Fiverr is a popular choice for those looking to start freelancing careers. For many freelancers, Fiverr is where they start their journeys towards making passive income online. You can choose to support freelancers by promoting marketplace gigs, pro services, and Fiverr’s very own logo maker. If you’re in a specific niche, your blog or audience might find value in gigs that are related to that niche. You can earn a commission of 10% on second orders and beyond. However, there’s an introductory commission of 25%-70% on your first sale depending on which service you promote. Considering the vast volume of gigs available on Fiverr, you’ll have plenty of gigs to choose from when promoting them to your audience.

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3. Jooble

One of the job affiliate programs you can sign up for is Jooble. If you’re in the career space, you can promote exclusive job listings to your audience to help more people find jobs. You’ll have over 9 million job listings to choose from with up to date vacancies in dozens of countries around the globe. You can create job listings based on region or interests to share them with others.There are currently four payment methods to choose from, meaning you can get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, or Wire Transfer. And you’ll receive payment within 30 days.

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4. Upwork

Job search affiliate programs like Upwork help freelancers get access to more job opportunities. Affiliates of Upwork will help bring on contracts onto Upwork allowing them to earn a commission of 70% on their first contract and 5% commission on repeat contracts up to $150 provided that they’re new clients. As an affiliate you can promote both the Project Catalog and the Talent Marketplace. Affiliates from anywhere in the world can join Upwork’s job affiliate program, allowing them to earn commissions promoting a platform that gets about 60,000 new job listings a month.

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5. Remote.io

One of the best job affiliate programs for promoting job listings is none other than Remote.io. If you’re in the headhunting or career space, you might have a big audience who come to you looking for new candidates. Via your referral link you can refer those people to Remote.io to upload their job listing on the platform, which charges them a fee. By referring those people, you’ll earn a commission of a valid payment to their site. There’s a 90-day cookie allowing you to earn a commission even if it takes up to 90 days for someone to go ahead and create the listing. The commission rate is 7.5%, and since the basic job listing is $299, you’ll earn about $22 for bringing in that sale.

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6. Appcast

Want to help more people find jobs as an affiliate? Fortunately, the job search affiliate program Appcast does just that. Affiliates can help send traffic to Appcast which helps job sites get more candidate traffic and earn more advertising revenue. You’ll be able to access millions of job ads across multiple platforms to help land more candidate traffic to job listings. Other partners in this program include LinkedIn, Monster, and Meta. If you’re a job site, this is the job affiliate program to sign up for.

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7. Find My Profession

Find My Profession’s job affiliate program is a great program for career coaches, recruiters, and job search experts. For those looking for someone to write their resume for them, help them with their LinkedIn profile optimization, and help them write cover letters, you can direct them to Find My Profession to earn a 10% commission. You’ll have access to reports to see your sales, will receive instant emails when a commission from a sale is earned, and you’ll have 30-day cookie tracking.

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8. 99 Designs

A job affiliate program like 99 Designs is all about helping design freelancers get more work. As an affiliate of 99 Designs, you’ll be responsible for sending targeted traffic to their website. By driving people towards launching a contest or project, you’ll earn a commission for any new business you direct to 99 Designs. You’ll earn $40 for all new customers, and $20 for returning customers. You’ll have 60-day cookie tracking on your link, allowing you a longer window for possibly earning a commission. If you own a design website or have a relevant audience following you on social media, you can earn commissions from this job affiliate program today.

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9. Jobsoid

A job search affiliate program like Jobsoid helps connect job seekers to job opportunities. They monetize their platform through monthly subscriptions that allow companies to create multiple job postings and benefit from a range of services, such as video screening, questionnaires, lead management, resume parser, and more. As an affiliate for Jobsoid, you’ll earn a 15% recurring commission from each sale you bring in. Whether you’re a blogger, recruitment professional, YouTuber, business consultant, entrepreneur, or social media influencer you’ll be able to promote Jobsoid to your audience to help you make money in 2024. Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate of Jobsoid and membership isn’t required.

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10. Juju

Juju is a job board with over 1.5 million jobs on their platform. The platform is based in the US and used by Americans looking for jobs in their respective states. Users can search for jobs based on their job title, state, or by company. As an affiliate, you’ll need to promote via your own website as the program is a Publisher program. You’ll need to be an American publisher to set up an affiliate account as address details need to be filled out on the application form. The commission rate and details of the program aren’t disclosed, so you’ll need to gather that information after you apply to see if it’s the right job affiliate program for you to sign up for.

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11. Hire My Mom

The job affiliate program Hire My Mom has two main channels that you can earn commissions on. The first channel is through their job seeking packages that start at $29.99 a month, where you can earn a 20% commission via your affiliate link. The second channel is through their concierge program where you can earn a 10% commission for every referral you bring to Hire My Mom. To apply to the program, you’ll need to share your PayPal email, website, and an explanation on how you’ll promote their brand.

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12. Solid Gigs

Want to get paid to refer freelancers to new opportunities? Solid Gigs is a job affiliate program you can sign up for to make money in 2024. You can earn a 35% recurring commission for life. There’s no earning caps, so you can continue to grow your sales as much as you’d like. Payments are made via PayPal and you’ll be paid in USD (you know, in case you’re an international affiliate). You can promote your affiliate link and Solid Gigs website to friends, readers, followers, or your fans.

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If you’ve been toying with the idea of joining a job affiliate program, you’ll be able to earn additional income while promoting some amazing brands. If you’d like to join Huntr’s affiliate program, you can fill out this application form to be considered as an affiliate. If you’ve been building a loyal audience and are looking for new ways to monetize them, this could be the avenue you pursue to scale your business earnings. So, whether you’re an influencer, blogger, vlogger, publisher, or some sort of audience owner, joining a job search affiliate program can be a lucrative way to make money in 2024.

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