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All your job search details in one place

No more messy job search spreadsheets. Huntr keeps track of every detail about your job opportunities regardless of where you found them. Track contacts, notes, dates, tasks, documents, job descriptions, salaries, locations, company data and more. It's like a CRM for your job search.


Visualize the state of your job search in a kanban board. See how many applications, interviews and offers you’ve received in one view.

Collect jobs from across the web

Our Chrome Extension can save jobs from large job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn to small startup career pages.

Manage tasks

Track everything you need to do to get your dream job, from polishing your resume to preparing for the big interview.

Manage contacts

Keep contact information for anyone you interact with during your search, from interviewers to recruiters and everyone in between.

Upload Documents

Upload your resumes, cover letters and any other job search documents you need. Then link them to jobs, activities and more.

Take notes

Document your job search journey and keep important job information handy with notes.

Activity tracking

View a full timeline of all your job search activities from application to offer accepted.

Share your progress

Career advisor needs to check up on you? Family or friends have job suggestions? Huntr lets you share your job search board with anyone.

Powerful analytics

Track your job search progress through insightful metrics.

Your jobs, mapped

View all your jobs mapped out.

Discover jobs

We source millions of jobs from thousands of the world’s top companies. Our jobs come directly from employer career sites, so we can ensure reliable and fresh opportunities. We don’t source from other aggregators, job boards or allow recruiter posts.

Powerful search filters

Mix and match filters, including: roles, employer size, industry tags, cities and keyword searches.

Personal search feeds

Save searches as feeds to browse results in digestible chunks. Customize feeds with as many filters as you like.

Employer and job tags

Whether you’re looking for a position in travel industry unicorns or European non-profits, tags help you find the perfect job.

Filter by employer size

Looking for jobs at tiny startups, or perhaps a large enterprise? Employee count filters let you find opportunities at companies just the right size.

Map view

Find jobs close to (or far from) you. The perfect job could be right around the corner, or in a different continent.

Keyword and boolean search operators

Search operators find matching text in titles and descriptions. You can exclude results with certain text, and also group matches with AND, OR operators.

Loved by job seekers

Huntr has helped over 160k job seekers from all over the world, including students and graduates from hundreds of educational institutions.

The only life vest I found that will help you through the storm, Huntr — a formidable tool that manages to make you feel good at the end of your job search day, enjoy ;-)

Andrew Paterson / Job Seeker

You guys are fantastic and do great work. I love huntr and have used it in every stage of internship to internship (a few times over) and finally to my first ever real full-time job. Thank you a million times!

Knowrhah Fleurimond / Job Seeker

Huntr kept me organized and motivated. The Chrome extension was probably my favorite feature! In the past few days I got two job offers, and I accepted one! Thank you so much for making this - it's been such a huge help!

Katy Glouchevitch / Job Seeker

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