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Huntr helps you create tailored resumes and cover letters fast with AI, fill out application forms in one click, and automatically organize your job search.

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Built For The Job Search

Stop paying for generic CRMs that were not purpose built for the job search.

Chrome Job Clipper

Save jobs from thousands of sites, in one click with the Chrome Job Clipper.

Interview Tracker

Store all interview and job details securely in one place.

Private Notes

Add private notes to your interview activities or job card to help store critical information.

Map View

Tired of long commutes? See how close to home the companies you’re applying for are.

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The speed and precision of this AI resume builder have been a game-changer for my job search. Within seconds, it tailored my resume, showcasing my skills in a way that was true to my background and resonated with employers. Thanks to this, I've landed more interviews than ever before!


Alex Monroy

Brand Director @ Gran Centenario tequila

Job Tracker

Keep Your Job Search Organized

No more messy spreadsheets. Huntr keeps track of every detail about your job opportunities - notes, dates, tasks, job descriptions, salaries, locations, company data and more.

Securely store job details

Job listings get taken down fast. Instantly add all job listing details to Huntr in one click so you can easily access crucial information, such as job descriptions, salaries, and more.

Track all job applications in one place

Struggling to remember which roles you’ve applied to? With Huntr, you’ll automatically add all job applications in one place the moment you apply. Don’t waste time re-applying to the same place twice.

Plan out your interview schedule

With the job tracker, you can easily drag-and-drop jobs you’ve applied to to the interview section. Easily manage all your interview times in one place, so you never accidentally double book or forget an interview.

AI Resume Builder

Craft An Interview-Worthy Resume

Create a standout resume with Huntr’s simple resume builder packed with professional templates, AI suggestions, and proofreading features. Customize your resume with key insights and export in one click.

AI Generation

The resume builder intergates AI summary, achievement and skill generators, helping you find the right words to describe your experience.

Free, Customizable Templates

Choose from professionally-designed resume templates that can be color customized to help your application stand out better to recruiters. You can add or remove sections with ease, too.


Get a quick proofread on your resume with spell-check corrections, so you never have to worry about accidentally sending a typo-filled resume again.

Free PDF Export

All it takes is one-click to instantly export your resume as a PDF, so you can start applying to jobs today.

Target Job Titles

Huntr’s resume builder helps you target specific job titles, so you can tailor your resume to each type of job you're targeting.

Designer Grade Templates

Our resume templates are crafted by designers, so you can rest assured that your resume will look unique, professional and polished.

Resume Tailoring

Build Job Tailored Resumes, Faster

Tailoring your resume to each application land you more interviews. Use Huntr’s AI to help you better optimize your resume for the right skills, qualifications, and experiences with highlighted keywords and one-click AI suggestions.

Keyword Extraction and Matching

Huntr extracts keywords from job descriptions and shows you a match score to help you better optimize your resume for the right skills.

Responsibiliy and Qualification Match

On top of keyword matching, Huntr also extracts responsibilities and qualifications from a job description and finds how well your resume matches them, offering a match score with unparalleled accuracy.

Integrate Keywords in Two Clicks

Use our AI to communicate how your skills and achievements match a job's keywords, responsibilities, and qualifications. Instantly generate suggestions for bullet points, summaries, and more with a little help from AI.

Resume Checker

Get Your Free Resume Score

Huntr checks your resume for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition and more, ensuring your resume gets noticed by employers.

Improve your resume

If you’ve been striking out with your current resume, you can use Huntr’s Resume Checker to help you determine areas of improvement or build a new resume from the ground up.

Quality Score

Our advanced Resume Checker meticulously evaluates spelling, emphasizes quantifiable achievements, and minimizes repetitive and clichéd phrases, ensuring your credentials are presented with utmost clarity and impact.

Length Check

Optimize your resume with our Content Length Score feature, expertly assessing and aligning your resume's length with industry standards, ensuring it's concise yet comprehensive to meet recruiter expectations.

Browser Extension

Save Jobs and Autofill Applications, Anywhere

A powerful companion for your job search, our extension extracts keywords from messy job descriptions, autofills application forms with tailored materials and saves all job details automatically. All without ever switching tabs!

Highly Reviewed

With over 1.1k reviews and a 4.9 star rating, Huntr’s job search Chrome extension is a popular choice for job seekers.

Save more time

Apply to more jobs faster with application autofill, an intuitive resume builder, and AI functionality to help you come up with impactful ideas.

Job Clipper & Keyword Extraction

Automatically save job details when applying to jobs. Plus, Huntr highlights keywords on job postings you can add to your resume in only a couple of clicks.

Job Application Autofill

Fill Out Applications in Seconds

Save hours applying to jobs each week by auto filling job applications with the same key information that thousands of sites ask job seekers. This feature works on 1000s of websites, so you can apply to more jobs faster.

Contact Tracker

Manage Your Job Search Network

Store contact details for recruiters and hiring managers so you can connect with potential employers when job seeking or long afterwards. Save email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, and more.

AI Powered

Huntr uses the power of AI to generate instant suggestions for your base resume, tailored resume, and cover letters; extract keywords and phrases from job descriptions; and calculate highly accurate job match scores for your resumes. See these and more of our AI features below.

Resume Skills Suggestions

Automatic keywords extracted from job descriptions are turned into resume skill suggestions.

Resume Achievement Generator

Generate well written, quantifiable resume achievements to match your experience.

Resume Summary Generator

Generate concise resume summaries, tailored for each individual job description.

Cover Letter Generation

Our system analyzes your profile, experiences, and the job description to create a cover letter that not only stands out but also aligns perfectly with the employer’s needs and expectations

Job Keyword Integration

Have our AI generate achievement ideas that integrate job keywords.

Job Responsibiliy + Qualification Integration

Generate achievement ideas that provide good coverage for job qualifications or responsibilities your haven't covered.

Keyword Extraction

Automatic keyword extraction from every job saved into your Huntr boards.

Sentence Extraction

Huntr extracts all qualifications and responsibilities from every job saved.

Advanced Job Match Score

We not only compare keywords, but also qualifications and responsibilities found in the job description to your resume and provide a score for how well each is 'covered'.