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Headline Solar is the fastest-growing solar company. Featured on NBC Chicago, ABC7, Fox News, and many others due to our superior customer experience offering. Solar Made Simple® is where our foundation and passion lie.

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Praxis Labs partners with organizations to increase diversity and inclusion outcomes through immersive learning experiences.


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Search engine for understanding the real estate value of properties and lands


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Bright Machines is a software and robotics company whose applications focus on automation for the electronics manufacturing industry. The San Francisco-based company has two primary products. First, Bright Machines employs “micro-factories” made up of robot cells for the purpose of automating electronics manufacturing and inspection. Second, Bright Machines offers software tools for the purpose of improving efficiencies in the manufacturing process.


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Growth Agence

Nous sommes une agence de Growth Marketing externalisée. Nous aidons nos clients à construire des ponts technologiques entre l'ancien monde et la Nouvelle Économie.

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Get a singular view of your business by centralizing data from 50+ platforms. Our experience launching and growing 10+ DTC brands ensures that every report & visualization is relevant, insightful, and actionable.


Roll builds social token infrastrature for creators. Join 450+ creators and mint a social token with Roll. The future of social tokens belongs to you. Earn, redeem, send and trade social tokens across the internet with Roll. Web 2.0 or Web 3.0.

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TrustToken is a platform to create asset-backed tokens that can be used for buying and selling around the world.

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