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dim (decidim.org) is a digital platform dedicated for participatory democracy, developed collaboratively as free/libre open-source software and maintained by a vibrant and extensive community. This web-based framework, crafted in the programming language Ruby on Rails, enables digital participatory democracy and empowers users to establish and tailor a political network for democratic engagement. The platform is freely available for organisations and institutions seeking to initiate participatory processes such as deliberation, decision-making, collaboration, direct democracy and co-design. Decidim is not limited by scale, allowing its utilisation by organisations of any size. Over 450 cities and organisations globally have embraced Decidim. It finds application in diverse settings, whether public or private, large or small, including city councils, associations, universities, NGOs, trade unions, neighbourhood associations, or cooperatives, all benefiting from its modular design and secure and encrypted voting system. These features also facilitate various participation mechanisms, including petitions, citizen councils, assemblies, surveys, debates, and sortition. Currently, Decidim boasts a community of more than 3 million registered participants worldwide.

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